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Thursday, October 06, 2011

it had been months.
i had cried when i found out my savings had 'mysteriously' gone missing.
then i found out how it had 'disappeared'.
real upset.

i mean, from the moment i gotten that bank book.
i had vow to myself that this bank book is only for deposits & strictly NO withdrawals.
i had kept my own promise.
since then, i had managed to save to a good sum by the time i turn 19. My 1st 10k.

ok, u would find it a small sum. but to me, it's quite an achievement since there's limitation to how much i can save base on the monthly allowance i got. n i started late in working part time, unlike my peers who had the chance to work in advance before me.

mind u, with the bank yearly interest. i had at least 11k, accumulated.
now in my pitiful bank book, i remembered it had only left barely $50.
$49. to be exact.

u might or might not be wondering, who took my $ right?
answer is my bf.
thanks to internet banking, my hardware token is in his hands at the point of him committing the crime.
im at home when he asked me a question 'just reply me a yes or no'
i did asked him what its regarding but he just prompt me again to asnwer yes or no.
easily you would had guessed, i had replied with a yes.
then he committed the crime.

this is when i asked him about my saving account then he admitted to it.
mind you, one time he draw a few k over.
im so upset that i cried again. in anger.

i post this is because my mum had asked me with regard of my saving book.
i tried to change topic but not successful so i flew into anger which upset my mum.
of cause i felt guilty, since my mum had my best interest in mind.
so, i brought up the issue to my bf, he told me he would pay me back when his brothers had finished their exams as his account had been locked along with their gaming consoles.

now their exams had been over for a few days.
im waiting for the transfer over to me.
if he did not have any move by end of the month, im going to remind him again.

n beside that lump of $.
he had owe me another lump sum in my everyday account.
that account i could hardly keep track of the amount he had owe me.
i guess if i really calculated it, it would be another 10k.
honestly, im not joking since it had been 2years i had been with him and it had been that long that i had lend him $ over the months.


Saturday, July 02, 2011

heh. plan for the day:
meet sis + 2nd aunt + 4th aunt
time: 1230pm at city hall mrt stn
agenda for de day: makan lunch & let 2nd aunt gets her long awaited for LV Bag. LOL

well well. met up with sis at pioneer mrt 1st. she late by 15mins.
tinkin of sms both ahyi we wld b late. but nv sms.
thn otw frm je to clementi, 2fish called saying she on bus otw to cck nia. 4fish at je.
wah nice. nw bcame me n sis early le. =x

reached le jiu sit at stairs to wait.
saw 4fish alone.
yuan lai she wait til fed-up so left 1st. haha!!
thn 2fish arrived.
walked to marina square & find Pasta De Waraku.
too corner n far in le.
goodness! their varieties too wide range til udk wad to order & eat.
hmm tink we went quite late lunch time coz the crew are lyk so free. heh. which means its a good ting as they can be attentive. =P

Order for the day:
ME: Soft-shell crab with pumpkin in white miso $14.80
SIS: Bacon & potato in cream $12.80

2Aunt: Doria Seafood $14.80 (Baked rice style with lots of cheese but to her not much rice inside)
4Aunt: Seafood Soup Pasta in Wafu $14.80
Orange Juice $3.80
Ice Lemon Tea $2.80

Total abt $75.09 smth.
asked if thr's any discount for any cards nt.
DBS/POSB credit/debit card yes.
nice so 10% off de bill left $67.58
which means byebye to service charges. =]

window shp as we walked back the way we came frm to Raffles Hotel.
so long been thr le. =x
Raffles City looks the same though i tink thr sure to b some chnges.

Went in the LV erms nt boutique bahs. mre lyk a shp? idk. lols.
2fish looks arnd n try this n that.
keep askin us for opinion on which is nicer btr etc.
we jiu askd her wad she wan looks for etc.

tried le for some time thn can decide her mind.
hmm me n sis jiu easier to dcide.
coz we lyk de is de erms simpler/common de type one.
brown or white?
brown coz white easier to b dirtied. aiyaa no black. =

q to pay sushi at jason market place. oh my. q is kns long.
take train heng gt seats for de 4 of us. sis n 4aunt alighted at buona vista to visit mama.
me n 2aunt alighted at lakeside.
heh. had dear come fetch me. help me carry er shping bag n my own bag. =x]
ahyi took bus back. hmm lyk waste lehs. mrt to cck thn bus always seem faster thn bus frm lakeside to hse. =\


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Labour Day:
Mum admitted to NUH.

Mother's Day:
She's still in ICU but state is much btr thn when she 1st went in.
She can much btr react to us.

Hopefully, this fri the surgeons confirm all clear n close her wounds.
take those pipes out so she cn talk to us normally.
she now can only mouth de words, n its so hard to guess at times. T.T


Sunday, April 10, 2011

hmm dear wana mit mel for dinner. so ok lor. ha.
meeting him at 630pm. in de end he reached lyk 7++pm?!

since we reached early. we had a look at the menu & is omg at the pricing.
seriouly ex.
so had rojak while waiting for him to reach. so long no eat ~ x.x

he arrived thn deciding btwn thai village or the jap place.
chose thai village.
haha. nice dishes there. x.x
made me feel lyk sharing the place with my family.

eat dao damn full & went to Mac to relax. hahaha.
cham lor me. sit thr feel so super slpy.
830pm++ go wait for bus. coz im gg to slp lyk tt. =x


ahh. meet mama n sis for lunch at Jurong Point. my treat to them. heh. one is mother's day & sis is bday. adv. LOL

let them choose btwn Ichiban Sushi & Tenpanyaki. 1st option win coz 2nd option cn be way too full which we cfm cnt finish de. seated at 1205 leave de place at 145.

Went to shp. Bought shoes & mum get de same design as me. =] sis gt another design tt resembles my old spoilt ver. haha. &&& i get to buy The Body Shop shower gel for 2@$14.90. damn heng to have their cheap sale roadshow. Got a formal black top @John Little, used vouchers to purchase it. heh =D


Saturday, April 02, 2011

meet rach xuer wilson for 'Hop' at Jurong Point.
aft which took a bus 198 to Holland V for dinner/supper.
we reached & had the first round of xlb.
thn Bona & Cheryl reach shortly.
Total we ordered 35 sets?! n dun forget de steamboat part. x.x

aft meal stand n rot n tink of whr to go.
decide aft lyk 45mins ltr.
go prawning at Bird Park there.

while they prawn, i closed my eyes n dozed. =x haha
prawn dao 3~4am.
all went off to slp. LOL


Monday, January 03, 2011

lesson at Orchard Road made me tired.
walk one end to the other.
end class oso damn cute.
i sian diao. lols.
buden seem to noe a lil bit mre abt Orchard Road le bahs i guess. =x


Saturday, January 01, 2011

ha. last nite countdwn went kahyen's hse.
ppl attended: kahyen, manton, justina, sandra, ben, alicia, ugine, kyser & chris
my goodness..
all cui..only me & sandra tired mre thn anyting else.
end. LOL



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
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