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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ytd wan write de...smhw cnt connect sia de broadband...den bo bian...todae den write lorz...xctualli ytd wan write tt my cousin[elder by 1 yr old,female],lydia[last tym name is venus]....she cal us to mit up wif her tml which is todae...de dae i posted dis...yah...she @ 1st wan to mit abt 8/9am at jurong point de breadtalk der de...but i sms her telin her tt mi n sis cnt wake up so earli lahz...thus we agree to mit at 10am lorz....

den todae mornin,mi n sis sae wan to wake up at 8-8.30 am de...but horz...we realli can slp de lorz..so we slp til abt 8.40am...??mum wakes us up de...=X....hehes...aniwae we kinda late by 15-20 mins lahz...den she pas mie a bag of clothes...heavi....=X....den we walk basement 1 rnd..den went up to kopitiam der sit dwn tok lahz...tok til 11+....oso at samw tym wait fer her frenz lorz...after a while we went back to cck wif her n her fenz lahz...we departed arnd at 12pm bahz...she tod us to sms her wen we get hm...i nv did...

den horz...i use de pay fone wif a 10cents to cal my mum....mum sae y we didnt cal earlier so we can mit at bukit gombak...den i sae...wen u sms mie lyk no sae lorz...onli sae cal u wen we goin back...den horz...i ask her to cal my 2nd aunt abt de pizza tingy..coz ytd she sms mie saein 'tml we eat pizza'...so i xpect to eat it todae lorz...den mum arrived alone...i asked her abt de lunch...she sae 2nd aunt gt caled her ealier to tel her tt de lunch tingy is cancelled bcoz our cousins cnt make it...so dots...den she sae sat de...den i was lyk...i tod her sat cnt le...i wan go sg xpo bk fair wif moi frenz lahz......den i sae...y jux now i caled u u no tel mie...sms oso can sae de mahz...so i n sis can alight at gombak instead of cck mahz...den she was lyk dots off...

she v weird de lorz...she sae she no wan her hp num le...coz is de free card de mahz...den horz...she weird2 de lorz...she sae u wan mie cal aunt...waste a lot of monei de horz...i was lyk...huh...u sae u no lyk de num so shld waste faster mahz...den can chnge new num mahz...but in de end i tink she wan de num bahz...coz i heard tt she wan to top-up....

den we sat at de control staton der waitin fer 2nd aunt to cum...fianlli she cum horz...is lyk abt 1+ le bahz...we went into lot 1...c de pizza...den sis no lyk eat pizza...so we went to Ajisen to eat ramen...yeah...aniwae...i ordered spicy seafood ramen wif soft shel crab n a glass of ice green tea...for $13.80....wah...den sis ordered ramen de lahz...aunt n mum shared one...dey sae dey cnt finished one bowl on deir own...sis one is $13.80...mum n aunt de is $14.80...so total shld b $42.40...but den horz...gt gst n service chrge...gst is $2.22...service chrge $4.24...total:$46.65...wah...a lot of monei horz...after tt we went walk2 lahz....

op gt 70% off bahz...inside a lot cheap stuffs lorz...nv buy aniting...no fit de...den we went seiyu lok2....after tt went to NTUC to buy sm groceries lorz...buy til $30 den gt luky draw...sianz...we gt buy a few sushi to eat fer dinner lahz...den hav to cary a lot of heavi bags...dun 4get tt de bag of clothes is oso v heavi de lorx...

arrived hm at abt 4.20 le...bath...play Maple a while...eat a bit of dinner...kana dc...den de NDP starts le...but hack lahz...1st part v borin de lorz...so i write dis post...hehes....=X...aniwae....Happie Burfdae Singapore!!!!yea....41th bdae le...



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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Name: Lee Mei Zhen
Nickname: Mandy
Horoscope: Leo
Birthday: 'Aug/1990
Age: 20+
Height: 162 or 164? cm
Weight: =X
School: SVPS, TWSS, RP.

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Types oF ppL : bEtraYeRs,bAckstAbbeRs,liArs,pEttY ppL,fAke FreNzs & lots of oTheR tYpeS oF -gative Ppl.

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ehhx my Prince plz? >.<
global to STOP warmin
no more virius to com >.<
a job...?
money $_$
dye my hair?[duno wad color]
'zxhOpExz' engraved on a ring =]
'zxhOpExz' necklace
to hav long thick hair agn =D
Figmas [Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Chrono, Yuuno, Rein, Reinforce, Hitsugaya]
a wallet!
More pixs with Dear plz
a scent by Issey Miyake
Charles & Keith bag
Bourjois Paris Blusher
mascara [suggestion any1?]
MM lipgloss (mayb nt)
silky girl silver gliter eyeliner (mayb nt)
a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
jeans skirt [white]
jeans [black]br> cardiganssss
Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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