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Monday, March 30, 2009

lhahahaa went bugis wif mama d fren n sis...ahyi join us v fast...lyk 2 trains difference nia...hmm went pray den OG...den d 2 aunties go buy deir tings at idk whr...so we3 went to this fashion...hahaha...den join dem wen dey cor us...hmm we went to buy dos seasoned 'tidbits' =x hahhaaz d guys der try to b funi =x hahaha

btw btw btw i saw htoo htet wif her bf ehhz!!! hahahahaz =P

ohh yaa...seems tt iluma is d new shppin centre tt is opened...wif super cold aircon...n wide space to walk...wif a cinema at lvl 5 for tix at $6...omt tink der official open sure crowded d bahz...nw gt shops open le nahz buden nt much to c yet bahz...=x check out d place wen u gt go bugis yaa...jux ritez nxt to bugis village or street...duno wad u cor it...hahaha...=x

went bek to lot1...d 2 aunties go bek 1st...hahahah coz we3 wana walk abit den pastamania makan dinner....hmm after tt go BHG...hehehehe at here i bought a halter drez worz =x hahahaha ahyi pay d =x kekekez den ahyi wan go hm...tink she wan rush bek for tv show bahz...=x


Sunday, March 29, 2009

dis post gona b a montone color...coz i super moody...
hmm anw ytd 2pm mit up wif boonhai...we2 late abit but i tink im so late...215 den we otw to city hall to mit up wif ferina...lol reach der super earli so we walk abt 1st...den half hr le feel weird sia hw cum 1stn away she nids take such a long tym d mehz...lolx sia la she went marina square coz fren wana pray...den okk lorz i brin him to my workplace...lol den i tok wif steffi abit n liyana ask me cn help mre nt...hahah okk lorz i help 2 mre days....lol den she giv me dos look coz gt a guy wif me mahz...hmm check d movie seatin den lyk wth...=.='' wana stay abit longer d buden ferina cum liaoz le so me n she go ask our tings den left d 2boys to smoke....=x

den we part our way le...we went marina square den all d seats lyk sellin fast so went to suntec...den he giv me 2 movie choices...shopaholic n mall cop...i chose hotel for dogs...LOlx...7pm d...so we went to burger king for dinner 1st...i eat damn slow nahz...coz bo mood to eat mahz....=x

after movie went to buy drinks to esplanade...n dis is whr all d unpleasant tings hapen wen we r abt to leave...we left bhind our litters so gt 2 idk wad u cor dem approached us lahz...biang oii took his ic n say dis is a serious offence so u nid to go court...den i v lenient oreadi nv took d gal ic...my report for u wil b u r cooperative etc...so its up to d judge to impose d penalty on u...cld b a fine frm $200-$500...den d date wil b xx may xx tym xx court...0.0 wasehx dey lyk giv appt d sia no nid check gt slot or nt d mehz...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

went hm we2 kinda moody le...i sibei sibei regret y i nv tink of throwin d litters since i owaes throw dem d mahz...idk wad im tinkin last nitez...den he regret tt his frens bo mahjong session if nt he wil nt wana drink d....den i tink bek jiu sibei regret to chnge our seatin place lorz...

reach hm oreadi 12+am le...by d tym im done wif bathin etc i cant slp...den 1+ i tink my body reali tired le coz i slp le...=.= haiz mornin wake up jiu sibei moody le...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz hard nt to say sg law super fine...fine dao weird...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hmm today off so wash clothes ahhz iron clothes ahhz n re-read 'HawkSong' agn...den lunch jiu go out wif mama...go library onli found 1bk nia...muahahaha heng i luky ehhz last 2 tyms borrow d bk 1 n 2 read in sequence sia...den nw borow d last of the trilogy....wheeeez....omt purse empty stil cn buy a new white handbag n a top...$14.90 + $9.90 = $24.80...den after tt go ntuc jiu hm...hahahaz nth to crap sia...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

ehhx ytd pro sia so mani partimers workin...lol...den wasai bo sales sia me...=.= taka is lyk so super quiet lorx ytd...wonder whr d hell did d ppl went to...buden heng i onli made at least 1 sale...yeaa i noe 1...pathetic 1 sale...=x T.T

hahhahaha abt 3pm+ my dear gf ferina...hahhahah came to find me...LOlx...she tot i lookin intensely at ppl...so she do ninja style...LOlx...den realised im starin at d air...hahhahah waste of effort lOlz...tok tok tok hahahhaz

ehhx anw im thxful tt d guy cn rmb me ehhz...hahhaha last tym i 1st day work he my duno num wad customer...so wen he came frm d belt der i tot he is any one of d customer gg for cashier den he smiled...i jiu o.o =] lol den i jiu ohhh he looks so familiar ehhz...hahahhaha den serve him lorx...after tt i rot agn...=x


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wasaii...mornin 7am wake up jux to go OG q up...i mean me n sis mit up wif 4th aunt at mrt stn den we train dwn to somerset...den OG der nid q v long q...frm d entrance all d way bek to cuppage den bek to d frnt agn n u noe la lyk snake lyk tt...den finali duno q hw long den gt in...lvl 1 c bags n wallets...den dun hv my type d...=x T.T den perlini buy 2 get 1 wif d lowest price for freee....hmmm duno whether to buy or nt...=x hahaz den go to 2nd flr...kan dao model wear d drez so pretti worx buden jiu shi zhao mei you..go rnd d place dao =.='' onli find dao pink color d...omt den haha heng find dao so tried S n M...gt M instead kekekez...

den ahyi buy hair shampoo n i had cor mama to ask she wan nt...den okk lorz go bek dwn n buy...den hahahha ahyi gt one so i buy 2 same models different color different dsigns for mama norz...den ahyi pay for all d tingys...den i jiu huh my drez lehx...

walked to plaza sing wanted to hv cafe cartel d buden sis kan dao so mani ppl scare she cnt use d knife properli say ahhx lets hv ajisen instead bahz...lolx...den while we order i ask hw much shld i pay ahyi...onli mama wallet nid pay nia den i jiu huh hw cn sia...den she hmmm $25 lorx...i jiu okk...haha drez $34.30..mama wallet $13.90...ehhx add up is mre den $25 d lorx...den makan hou go walk arnd plaza sing....

show sis d cosplay shp n d katana shp...whoo i went abit crazi...=x hahax i askd d guy hw much is hayate battle costume $285...nanoha military suit $160...omt i askd gt signum?? he said ehhx isit d one wif d sword?? i jiu hmm tinkin coz signum gt 3 ways of usin her sword so i jiu yeaa...hhaaha den he ohh i gt watchd buden i tink u cn request thru here..n giv me d namecard...=.='' hhaha i gt it ytd le ehhz...=x hahhaha den he askd ohh u gg for cosplay ahhx?? i jiu hmm wanted to lehx...=x hahhahax...he jiu said hayate d v nicee...lolx..''yeaa i noe i saw d pix'' =x hahha...so paid for hitsugaya sword keychain n go c katana le...wo d tian ahhx $298 hitsugaya d T.T

after tt train dwn to bugis...wasehx der super hot n super nth to c...lolx...bai bai le hou...walk in c d lil few shps...den buy a watch for father...den bek to cck...buden ahyi at gombak alitez nahx...den me go ntuc buy bread n 4D =x =.='' mama ask me help her buy d...=x =.=''


Monday, March 16, 2009

mahahaz wif ferina go dao jurong west der to hv her rebondin done...den nt v sure which bustop to alitez mahz so ic dao is corect hury pres bell...omt omost coz car crash...hahaahaha den d ppl c us get off...den shella sms me sayin she on d same bus as me...lolololz....

i onli rebond fringe which is lyk $10 nia? hahax 230 sit dao 520+ lyk tt....den bek to cck...ic wallet here n der buden nv buy...den she go ntuc buy smth to munch on....buden we oso gt buy sundaes to eat nahz...

go pasar malam walk walk c c..den i c dao ermx 'Gucci' wallet...ask uncle hw much he say $15...den hmm duno wan buy nt so went to look arnd 1st....after which walk bek n c usable nt...den ask aunty hw much...

she said "i sell $18 buden nw sell u cheaper @ $15..."....i hmmm o.0 den i say "abit offer nahz $12/$13 lahz"..."aiyoo i cant nahz i offer so much le used to sell $20+ d lehz...den i earn a lil oso"...i bo bian $14 nahz $1 offf lahz...she jiu aiyaya okk bahz sell to uu lorrz....=.='' biang oiii...i giv her $ i diden check i giv mre nt sia...$10 correct nahz is d $2 notes...buden im kinda positive i giv 2 pieces...=x T.T


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hmm super wastin day...mornin late half hr go out coz sis late wake up norz...den go je d duno whr she nids to do last checkup b4 proceedin to her sch for enrolment...den at der is wait dao sianz diaox...etc dao..cnt take it...

makan at foodcourt4 which is koufu...den go pc roadshow...at der kan dao lenus as mac bk d salesperson...cool ahhx...den d fugitsu d person hu entertain us is frm NP d...o.o yuan lai his sch too mani ppl le so dey send him over...hmm nice person to tok to n reminds me of samson =.='' w/o d white hair though =x hahahahaz

pay hao le evryting settle le she configure hao her lappie le den we train bek to cck n hm...wasehx nice weather ehhx gona rain soon lyk tt...den neat ehhz tml til sat i nid to work le T.T


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well well mit sihui at fareast bustop...den go fareast walk walk c c...nth buy den i ohh agar noe wad i wan le...lolx....den at wisma max n mre buy 2 pieces cheaper so i okk after she ask me wan nt...hahaz...we 2 buy same designs different colors...after we tried on nahz...=x den go face shp i buy wad eye pack facial pack...total wif her item i bcum member...den gt wad free pouch...den go info counter cn get wad $10 voucher n a mem of wisma as well...=.=''

go taka c tings den go over to dreamweaver...ahong aileen sharon all der...so dey kinda stun tt we 2 r tgt shpin hahahhaha....den tok abit we jiu hmm wad to eat...she kinda wanted to eat seoul garden buden left 1hr nt v worth...so eat breek d grilled chkn instead...den abt 4pm we go taka lvl 3 d toilet den to cold storage for me to redeem $80 coldstorage vouchers...

go yoshinoya buden dey no sell her drink individualy so we walk to hereen c c...wasehx at der i c a cap i lyk $10 nia lehz buden i feel its kinda way tooo small for me le...so we go cine c c as welll....den she wanted to go marina square den i jiu y nt go bin hse as well since its at city hall...den hahaha we WALK der...=x

reached der door is closed so i puzzled hw cum 1 ppl work nia mehz...heng i noticed d way d card is bein put so i sms kaka n she cor me bek sayin she on her way bek...den we chat til 645 b4 we left...go sunrec d fish n co for drink n cake...den funi sia we cnt finished so ask cn ta bao nt...den dey let us ta bao sia...hahaha den d plastic bag is so BIG d lorx..omt~!

den walk abit mre nia coz most shps gona b closed sooon...den kana a pushcart londoner to promote her stuffs at us...facial cosmetics tt wil make us look btr haha n its so x...buden in d end we bought it at much cheaper price...den sihui father oreadi cor her le mahx so she lobang me hm...so thxful...so reached hm is lyk oreadi 10+ le...

Total Spending :

FaceShp $86.90 [$39.90 - face pack, $47 - eye pack]
Max&Mre $15
Cosmetics $150
Makan ~ $21
~ $272.90

my eyes c le oso stun 0.0''


Sunday, March 08, 2009

hahahaz i nw den rmb d last tym i work for taka 2 customers had to help me wif d wrappin...=x lolx...so kind of dem sia...den i abit paisehx nahz...lolx...anw today so bad mornin no1 wan c d tings so no sales for me..T.T =x anw ytd marylyn gt said me agn..den i heard d word 'if dis goes on u might b fired'...nahx cuttlefish...buden heng nahz gt sales if nt die liaoz =x =.=''

well well...today lunch wif 1 of d belt ppl...den c belt omt gt 2 so nice....nid w8 til d 20% den buyy hahahax coz by den cn get staff disc as well bcums 30% =x muahahahahaz =x anw anw i tried chanel shades....OMT...it looks so gd =x hahahaha


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

after work den kan dao hildada d msg...cfm mit up wif her hou cor mama tellin her i mitin my frens for supper...den me reach le tok wif hildada...den 920 lyk tt she cor ahben...mit up 1st for pool...haha me n hilda play 1st...we finished jux nice issac cn play wif ben...den we go to blk711 for western food...hmm we tok n lurff hahahaha....go hm me n hilda no take ben's bike...hahax...so we went hm tgt...cool sia reach hm omost 1210am...bath dao lai go slp is lyk 1240am liaox...

dis mornin slp dao 930am den wake up...is ji pro yi xia d lorx..sianz ahhx...hahax...hmmm....i had a nice dream today though =x =D


Sunday, March 01, 2009

LOlx..wq late den we2 late buden heng denise jux nice reach der nia...we3 go somerset mit weiwen den after tt we4 sit first coz maple nv ans my cor..den she joined us...so fun sia haha we lurff dao siaox =x hahax den we duno wana go whr den weiwen nid to leave le so we4 jiu hmm lets go sg flyer bahx...hahhaz

den i tummyache sia...after tt horz walk to sg flyer cn die man so hot...wa sehx we reach n buy tixs strtin to drizzle...den we board n go rnd d ting...lolx..strt to rain quite heavili...buden we keep takin pixs nahz hahaha...

den dey build a bear hahax...wq for his sis bdae n maple+denise for a fren bdae...den steady sia my hp low batt savin mode...omt...after tt we walk bek to city hall since d freee shuttle bus cmi nid w8 one mre...den frm city hall i walk dem to cathay...toilet hou my fren brin us to wad parklane arcade...we4 pool-in ehhx...so fun hahahaz...

after tt abt 9+ we walk to take bus to chinatown for dinner or supper...whicheva u cor it...hahaz...den der it strts to rain super heavili sia...n we hv to stan for duno hw long den gt seats...we4 share zi ca...lolz...hmm den we take 190 hm...my frens idk whr dey go...lol dun care hahahaz...neat sia my hp die after my mama cor me...so heng ahh...hahhaaz



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
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Canon Digital IXUS 130
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