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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

mornin at cs w8 for ferin..aiyoo she sms me ask gt mit up nt...omg sia..lolx..reach wdlns saw germain n her fren...errr d day v fast past..i mean as usual d mahz...onli 3 ppl lorrz today...ben n lijue heng gt cum...=X errrmx lemme tink wad hapen tt makes me wan to type dis...

ritez sch late ends sia...den ben gd lorrz bu xiao xin shut dwn my lappy...ZZZZZ...hury rush rj pack bek go hm wif vien n shawn...i cck mahz so went to take lrt to find sebas...v fast jiu settled hao d tingys he wan...errr i tink tts all le bahz...=]


Monday, April 28, 2008

errr..okk here another orin ntry by me..=X yaa today i pon sch...enterprise d..so no worry..onli my grp 2ppl onli...=S ehhh play cabal dao mum ask me hury go get chnge...sis late sch so she same tym left hse wif us...err took 985 to bukit timah plaza or beauty world...mit ahma der den settle stuffs der norrz...aiyoo me arhhx evrytym go der eat sure makan d lor mee d..duno y oso...ask for mre vinegar..=P buy sm kuehs n err biscuits...go Carrano buy black pants...den we go hm...ahma luky sia coz d moment dao busstop her bus 184 jiu dao le...

dao cck eat at d err i duno wad u cor it...for d bus drivers d lahz..err eat le walk to lot1 norrz..at d whr buy $10 bag....=X white color agn..=S errrmx walk walk jiu go NTUC den errmx go hm..yeaa...borows 3 storybks...coz com modem owaed cmi d..sianz norrz..cnt cabal or audi...T.T


Saturday, April 26, 2008

errr lunch at hm hou wif mum went to mit ahyi...settle some ting 1st..went walk walk...at ip zone mum saw a long sleeve shirt...nt bad nahz so i went in try...cum out wan let d 2 c hw izit cnt find dem...instead i saw siewhoon...ask her to help me cor ahyi...den mum blur d sia..i jux wan to tel her tts mi sec fren she went over to chat wif dem...den gt another cus wan use d chngin rm norrz..zzzz...den hao le hou mum abt to pay i lyk ehh hw cum d salesgal look so lyk my pri fren d sia..so went she walk past me i tried cor out her name.."stephanie" she response sia..so mi cn rmb ppl faces d lahz..=P

den i sms sh wonderin she wan buy polo tee mahz...she said ok so we buy tgt @G...i black she white..den we parted...reach hm den realize tt d 2 shirts tt i bought cost $15 each..so zhun...=X went to lvl4 food junction c c...had old chang kee wif us so we onli buy d drink der..x norrz d drink der...

went NTUC buy buy hou mum wan go fu hua buy some stuffs...went in i no notice dao sh but she notice dao wo..so we chatted abit bout d movie outin norr...yeaa we dcide to let ms handle it coz wkday fri she v free so she organize it hao le..=X =]


Thursday, April 24, 2008

well today mi claz kinda nt hapi wif dis guy...so d new faci had a hard tym tryin to errr smooth d situation by mayb dfendin d person..poor faci she last 2 wks no cum 1st tym take our claz jiu kana prob le..too bad d guy faci mizzin no pei her for d rest of d day...=X

den i went hm wif err fir...his fren mit him at wdlns platform..den he oso frm tws d..he lyk ehh hw cum i wear pe attire sia...( coz i lz chnge bek )...he mi senior..look lyk gt n no impression lyk tt but hou lai at hm i lyk ehh gt impression lehx...=X

bing xiang saw me while im tryin to get onto d escalator...we chatted abit b4 we hv to part nahz..aiyaya i said i wld try to organize a gatherin for our claz..


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)

Do you know (3 x)

Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(Do you know (3 x))
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

Do you know (4 x)
Do ya

If birds flying south is a sign of changes
At least you can predict this every year.
Love, you never know the minute it ends suddenly
I can't get it to speak
Maybe finding all the things it took to save us
I could fix the pain that bleeds inside of me
Look in your eyes to see something about me
I'm standing on the edge and I don't know what else to give.

Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(Do you know (3 x))
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

Do you know (4 x)
Do ya

How can I love you (4 x)

If you just don't talk to me, babe.

I flow through my act
The question is she needed
And decide all the man I can ever be.
Looking at the last 3 years like I did,
I could never see us ending like this.
(Do you know)
Seeing your face no more on my pillow
Is a scene that's never happened to me.
(Do you know)
But after this episode I don't see,
you could never tell the next thing life could be

Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(Do you know (3 x))
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

Do you know (3 x)

Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(Do you know (3 x))
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

Do you know (7 x)

Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away
(Do you know (3 x))
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

Do you know (3 x)

Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away
(Do you know how it feels)
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

Do you know (4 x)
Do ya

Do you know (4 x)
Do ya

Do you know (4 x)
Do ya


Sunday, April 20, 2008

went to ms hse to rturn her comics bks 1st...ran hou we r d 1st to arrive at mrt stn d lorrz...sh pro sia reach le told her slowli take her tym she reali went in lot1 walk walk sia..=.='l' lols sehx coz mich fren is my errmx team ldr for oreintatn d..lolx...

went jp buy tixs hou go pasar malam buy food smuggle in...nice party inside but so pathetic sia so lil ppl watch d lorrz...nt lyk ytd kinda full hse dao~...=X show quite mono d..err paisehx to dos hu lyk it...=X

went walk walk lorrz..den go hm..went ms hse to colect mre comic bks...hahas..her mum giv me eat red bean soup...den i go hm le...cabal n audi muahahas...=P


Saturday, April 19, 2008

mornin settle wad tym n place to mit audi meii..130 mitin her at lrt escalator der...lols we 2 v on tym d...coz i reach le was abt to sms her she sms me she reach le...errmx her name is jason frm tws d...=X opps meii secret is out le...

last min chnge venue frm cine to vivo...wa tixs sellin fast lorrz...went plaza sing d GV oso sellin damn fast..bo bian went the Grand Cathay c...oso sellin super fast...errmx 4gt to mention is The Forbidden Kingdom tt sellin lyk hotcakes...=] dcided to buy 5pm show..den stil hv 1.5hrs went EMax play Cabal..

buy mocha he buy hotdog set...went in earli to sit coz outside si bei sianz...funi sehx...coz wen we bought tixs we gt 1 buy at G4 so we bought G1 n G2...buden gt dis fat aunty cum sit nxt to jason...i tot our row full hse sia...but stil no ppl cum wen show strted...lols...i tot jason mind mahz ask him wan chnge seat nt..hahas..he dun mind...
actions v nice arrhx...funi parts v funi arrhx...hahas shld watch it yeaa...=]

after show is arnd 7pm le..so took train to marina den bek hm...mitin her dis cumin fri for another movie cor 'Over Her Dead Body'...watchin at wdlns der...so u saw dis ntry n wan to watch oso d hua sms me bahz...=]


Thursday, April 17, 2008

so piissss off by d tw mail...y lehx?? coz horrz i wan help sis login her acc to send her el readin.amr to her el tcher...but u noe wad i tried loginin wif her user id n pw cnt...kip showin me d error plz try agn tingy...knn...all correct lahz biang oii...wan find d xact tcher email add oso cnt find...onli cn find d subjects tcher or subjects head...dun hv sub-tchers d...ZZZZZZZZZZZ...bo bian use my own hotmail to send to sis form tcher instead..askin her to help me forward it to sis el cher...kns sia...stupid mail tingy...

hmmm...computin n mathematics hai hao...coz jux errr try to do a progm same as faci wil do...but i noe tt ltr d presentation cn die...duno faci wil giv wad tough qn...=.= ohh yaa i muz reali put in effort for RJ le..coz i nid my grade...haixx muz bootlick faci muz crap alot muz reflect alot oso...kns sia...no stress oso cn bcum stress...=X ZZZZZZZZZZ


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

damn for 2 days str8 i diden contributed much to my team...1st day which is a monday...i searched for 1 piece of info frm 10-230 stil nth...presentation tym jux read thru no xplain...worse oso i omost steal ppl turn of deir presentation...=X den today worse coz nth to find onli do for observation nia...nvm at least i gt do abit of tings...den presentation tym my turn i cnt xplain well...haixx damn screwed sia me..duno wad wil hapen to me for d rest of d week le...T.T


Sunday, April 13, 2008

lunch tym went over to lot1 wif ahyi...d rest of d family went to granny hse for lunch...a type of gatherin sort-of...kekez...den ahh mi n ahyi eat slow slow korean claypot rice...nice d lorrz..tink ahyi addicted to it le lahx...=X den walk slow slow look at d shps in lot1 lorrz...

ahyi buy hp pouch frm mre den words...errmx...i 4gt wad we do le lahz...aniwae jux noe we walk to pop bkshp den sis n mum cumin le...sis wan buy bag so we went to ink pushcart c c 1st...hai hao lahz nth catch my eyes...=X went to zinc shp c c...okk lahz d zha bo intro d so cor latest one...gt leather n cloth d...err sis took alot of tym to consider wad to buy...i mean which sling bags to choose...we 2 pro d sia...which dsigns we chose n colors we chose all last piece le lorrz...=X mine cost $39.90 while sis d cost $29.90 so total is lyk $69.80...cn do mem card le..dots sia...coz future dun even noe wil buy frm dem d mahz...=S

errmx went ntuc buy buy le jiu go hm le lorrz...yaa tts all....=]


Friday, April 11, 2008

Whoots...=P 4th lsn so relax d...tts wad i felt lahz...buden tink he abit pissed off by us bahz coz horrz he dun wan us to b in msn in 3rd mitin..=X

RJ Question : Instructions are a form of communication. How's the communication among your teammates? Any issues and how can you improve the communications?

========= Reflection Journal ==========

The communication among my teammates is quite good.All of us can unerstand each other,if we don''t really got the point of what the other are saying we would voice out to clarify it.

Basically I don''t feel that there is any issues or anything I want to improve cause its quite alright as we could communicate with each other quite well.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

hahas..psps arrhx..reali d mahz after 1 day of brain stormin sure no mre brain cells which means no mre creative juices in me le...=X so i gona cut short n tt is i do njoy my lesson today..=D ahahahas...

RJ Question : How has today's problem challenged your ideas of knowledge?

========= Reflection Journal ==========

Today''s problem seems like its a problem within a problem.It made me think what and how far I learnt so far in my education life is knowledge and not things that are useless.It also set me thinking what is knowledge and what ain''t.I supposed it also made me re-assess the knowledge I had in me.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

hahas...lookin at d title u might...walao ehh evryday 1 post den lyk so mani days...hahas...bo bian mahz i no creative so cnt tink of nice title...=P okk wad i noe is today i gt to eat lunch nt lyk ytd...no chance to eat...T_T dinner at 730 some mre...=X well today had fried fish soup noodle...okk...=P

RJ Question : What has today's experience taught you about self-directed learning?

========= Reflection Journal ==========

Self-directed learning could be quite tough and confusing.To understand a topic given fully by ownself is really quite hard but if its with a group of people, it could be easier as different people can understand the topic given differently and could help the others understand it clearer by explaining the topic in their own simple method.


Monday, April 07, 2008

okkies lemme c...earli in d mornin train tio disrupted...heng at cs saw ferina she n her mum let me n atiqah longbang her dad car to sch...arggh claz in W46K...i tink d rest of d day shld b okkays d bahz...diden went thru it yet though...im nt sure if i cld update dis ntry wen i gt hm coz thxs to my wonderful modem at hm...=X =P if cnt nvm tml i tink i wil b able to update le...=]

RJ Question : How could I have contributed better to my team's learning?

========= Reflection Journal ==========

Be more focus in finding resources rather than replying message to online friends.

Able to search for resources that my group needs.

Be much more active.

Try to help out more than expected by ownself and others.


Friday, April 04, 2008

will update soon kayys..=]



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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ehhx my Prince plz? >.<
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'zxhOpExz' necklace
to hav long thick hair agn =D
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Bourjois Paris Blusher
mascara [suggestion any1?]
MM lipgloss (mayb nt)
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a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
jeans skirt [white]
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Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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