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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hmm…help steffi work wil 2pm d…buden me n shella wana go check out d price of d perfume which is nearby to our workplace mahz so I sms steffi askd her norz…thn she said its okk…ha so I work full shift instead le…thn uhhs kaka’s husband bought us brkfast which consists of sandwich n cakes…yummie…

Kinda late wen having dis brkfast…arnd 1145am mahz thn heng I nv have a proper brkfast at home so feel hungry norz…eat liaox do stock check lyk siaoz…5pm le thn abit hungry n oso find out we miz our lunch…so have d cake instead…

7pm end work we walkd to check out d price..she feel its okk nia…buden I checkd out d price of mine n its cheap d lorz…im gona buy it nxt mth wen my pay cums in…hmm thn we had dinner at the mini chinese style ‘restaurant’ type of shp…hahaz nt bad bahz hai hao cn survive d d food der…

We bounced bek frm marina…n I gave up my seat at orchard for dis father n child…dey at novena alitez =.=’’ I stand all d way bek to admiralty =.=’’ =x hahaz thn lyk dis lorz so tired d sia…


Saturday, June 27, 2009

I’m telling u that today is the worse day ever… coz I met up with dis on9 fren…thn I stm d mahz cnt rmb whr he came frm…thn his accent funi so I askd him whr he came frm…Indonesia…ohhhhh…anw im nt agnst the country or wad but im agnst him only…we board the same train to bugis and the ting is we r at the same cabin only at different door…thn spot dao each other le…hmm thn I sms –SDB-Daddy n some frens mahz…we entertain each other mahz…thn reachd bugis stn le horz we alitez le…I said ‘yo’ he bo care me sia…thn nvm lorx I kip smsin…n horz he damn ungentleman d lorz walk in frnt fast fast thn stop n w8 for me to catch up with him…wth…lyk he in a rush lorz…zzZZz….

Thn buy le tixs gt tok abit nia…thn so sianz…n horz he tel me to tink in his position…wtf lahz… thn cnt w8 for the movie to end asap…thn he tok to me lyk da dao lin d person…zzz n he says I askd my fren to take over his place…wth lahz…thn I cant w8 for the movie to end which lasts for 2.5hrs sia…buden the movie is damn nice d lahz…after end le he stayed bhind to mit up with his frens for dinner…I train to west mall…

Thn ermx gt dis illegal driver acc me til –SDB-Daddy finishd work at 8pm…hahahz illegal driver I nv say ur name out ahhx…only u n me noe nia ahhx =x haahazx…thn after tt…dis illegal driver go off first…thn we makan hou go bek home…so tired nahz cnt entertain him…lolx all d while he entertain me =x


Friday, June 26, 2009

i feel v bad nahz...nv zao with cheryl n all for movie...thn n1 nahz the slit eye guy sabo me...cozz faci c fin all grps ppt says i appt 3ppl to present 6p....thn i jiu 'huh'...he jiu ohh she 1st one...i jiu 0.0''....thn faci take his 'advice'...wth..thn heng gt orange...muahhaz...n oso david...kekeke...

relax d bahz coz chat alot thn we 'play' the passin 'sentence' game? hahahz coz rumors in sch alot mahz so faci wan prove to us wad huh...ermx...smth lyk errr...facts cn d distort....thn reali lorz...LOlz...

me n orange last to leave class...i acc her same train direction coz i mitin -SDB-Daddy mahz...heng nt mit at yishun sia if nt i cn rot n die der liaoz...heng chnged to bishan...thn both reachd omost at d same tym...thx uu orange for the suggestion ehhz =D

walk arnd n play arcade thn jiu bus dwn to c ppl prawn fishing...thn bus to amk hub...makan mac...go walk abt lorx...nw i aimin a top liaoz le...omt =.='' OMT~!! there was dis lil boy hu is walkin the opp direction of the slope escalator which is leadin us dwn to ntuc xtra...thn Daddy says to him "no cnt walk pass le"...thn i jiu opp of daddy jiu use my hand 'cum' lyk tt...THN U CFM CNT XPECT & BLIEVE DIS D....d lil boy strts to do all the weird & funi poses...OMT...thn he oso do the x cool pose...flyin kiss pose...wadeva pose...OMT nahz...i lurff dao~....hahhas buden the lil boy so poor ting...kana scolded by his father coz he playd too much...=x thn bought the bloody black coverd shoes...hahahz the salesperson says buy 2pair of shoes cn get a free teddy bear...thn so cute so i buy a slipper...LOlz...white teddy bear with purple tingy....

cute nt uhhs =x =]

went into dis lan shp...he saw his fam mems...cool ehhz...hahhaz...c them play...thn tyms up we go bek tgt...train opp direction though...hmm thn -SDB-Daddy send me home....n we r tgt =x =]


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cool finali hit 400th post...so slow d lahx me =x

wahahahaz morning 1st ting is to use lappie siia...thn mama lyk 'cn u read ur theory bk n dun play'...i uhhhs...open n close d bk...cnt read into my mind sia...thn nvm go bath cum out refresh..stil cnt read...go audi...thn lunch....hahahaz...weather grey grey d...n i stil nv revised...=x

w8 for clement to cum dwn frm his hse...thn he lyk ghost d lahz...no footsteps sound d sia...anw at gombak w8 shuttle bus i said cnt 1fail 1pass..wan both of us muzx pass...thn he kns say if nt both fail tgt....wth...thn he oso ehhs hw cum i say dis sia...=.=''

go der q up go in...n he said its lyk custom sia...lolx...waahhz we sit opp n we r bein sandwich by 2bangalas...zai sia...thn do the test lyk so fast cn finish...=x even have tym to go thru it....=x hahhas thn press end test...pop out 'PASS'....i smiled dao~ hahahax w8 for him...he said he fail...omt....

train to joo koon thn bek to jp to mit my sis....thn i helpd mama buy 4D mahz...so might as well try my luk to buy the pw...hahaz since i told myself if i pass or fail i wana try on the pw givn to me...=x hahhaz...

walk jp lyk reali gg to shp sia...buden no $ =x hahahhaz...finali found the small tin metal container le...at comic connection...no wonder i gt impression cc gt selll...3 for $2...wasehx so get 3 lorz...=xdinner at fish n co n swee la my sis nt enuff $ n i dun hv enuff cash...so i nida go withdraw =.='' sis somemre cnt fin it nida tabao bek home...=x thn go BreadTalk buy $10 worth of bread thxs to the voucher....thn there kan dao Sam Leong worz...cool =x hahhaaz...

go bek Lot1 c c abit here n der...sad roof garden close for the day le....thn at aries buy earing hou jiu go home....hahahaz n i won $20...hahahaz heng i iBet hahahahz =x well $20 is btr thn none ohh =P


Friday, June 12, 2009

mornin sibei earli go admiralty...wan to hv brkfast with hilda d...buden no matter hw i cor her she cnt wake...=x so yijie cum at arnd 740am we board train n go to tanah merah...then sianz sia at the bedok camp...nth do but to w8...thn he gd lahzx nv ask any mre ppl onli me nia =.='' thn i cn emo there le sia...heng gt dis galz cum n tok to me...heeez same bus thn we tok lor =D n we bcum frens LOlz...gt her num n email add =x =]

ahahha yijie tot she my fren....yeaa she my new found fren...=] hahhaaz...after her bf n yijie cfm go in le...we thn go bek tgt...i til city hall whreas she nid go her sch camp...i go workplace have some aircon =x thn walk to bugis....ermx i pangsehx pri sch fren =x

wasai gf omost pangsehx me lorz...so heng she stil cums...1hr ltr lor....haha thn cant b i emo or rot for an hr mahz...so sibei heng ytd gt ask ppl they go whr...so i go bugis junction arcade find 2 audi frens...1st tym mit d =x ahhaaz lan for an hr thn find gf to do some shpping =x

she bought a top while i bought jeans n 2hairbands...hehhee 2nd piece 30% mahz =x 530pm gf go home...i join frens agn...lan for another hr thn go long john for dinner....hmmm...thn nice la anyhw walk at junction...hhahhahahaz gt funi moments sia....hmm abt 9pm train bek...oso funi la the ride bek xD


Thursday, June 11, 2009

W46K ice skating outin ehhs...hahhaz at kallang leisure park...had so much fun there...thn the KFC there v power one...gt chance or tym u muz go try it out...hahhaha =x


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1-3June09 [mon-wed]
class chalet @Costa Pasir Ris
ppl attended: faci, rachel, orange, yong ann, jerome, hakim, david, michael, cheryl, xueer, bona, eugene
ehhz so lil ppl mehz 0.0
anw 1st day- cheryl, eugene,michael, bona, xueer, me go kbox....then the rest cum n we bbq...
2nd day- brkfast, faci cum for bbq some left le...nite tym i go lan find -Kage-Winter dii ^^
3rd day- all mia...left me eugene n david...so we checkd out then train home...im damn tired lorx =x hahahahz

3June09 [wed]
3pm go admiralty mit yijie...lens at cheryl so bo bian gt to wear specs...=x then umm at his hse wana watch 'Terminator' d buden v lousi visual...so i get dota norz...then umm he go dwn eat his lunch...i fell aslp =x then i wake i was lyk 'ehhz so fast cum bek le?'
he =.='' lolololz
waaa i bth so fell aslp agn =x
630 left his hse rush bek to cck to get my lens T.T =x hahhahaa

4June09 [thurs]
work with marylyn n steffi =x

5June09 [fri]
go to STB for the F1 interview then go Conrad c c...after which go far east have dinner....

6June09 [sat]
work with shella n we2 do stock checks @.@"

7June09 [sun]
work til 230pm then leave shella alone...cnt w8 for steffi to cum le la..if nt im late le...
rush to AMK to watch terminator with sis n yijie
after movie go guardian look look c c...then after tt stand outside near dustbin sis n yj contd tok abt the dye =.=''
then all out of nowhr gt some1 hold my hand...i stun n ohh is sihui...=x hahhahaaz
Lan til 8pm n rush to Sentosa to costa resort overnitez...

8June09 [mon]
workin with shella

9June09 [tues]
work with shella =]


omt so many posts to do sia
n im so lazi nahz! =x T.T


Saturday, June 06, 2009

w8 ahhx bz dis week but so many tings to blog
so plz b patient ehhz =x
n im so sry tt some of the links no longer work
so i wil remove them asap ty



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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