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Monday, April 27, 2009

well well 2nd prob for today module n the faci says :"based on the criteria given by soh, ur team ppt grade is a F."....ohh okk...then nvm...our team is theory xplan cn make it a bit...link to prob we dun quite noe hw to link...ahhx n he shoot us "cn ask me or ur classmates de wad"...yaa ritez my classmates n him...ting is we hv no idea wad to ask oso mahz...then wen we ask the others...sure hu wil b so generous to share evryting wif us d wad....=.='' if only today last prob i cfm wil shoot bek...buden i noe v imposible...coz soh faci v limitd...shoot him bek i might nt b able to survive for the nxt 1.5yrs...=/

after sch go cwp wif tini,ben,hilda,art,jolin and net to celebrate issac bday...went to jack place for dinner...so long tym nv lurff wif them le sia...cn 4get mot of the unhapie tings tts had jux happen sia...hmm den nw done wif rj le lorz...sibei sianz...

anw...i reject the Prudentail telemarketer job offer...felt so bad abt it sia...he wan me to try out tml de...nw i nv try jiu say reject coz of factors...=/=x T.T


Sunday, April 26, 2009

LOlx...today work wif may n kim...kim 12-8 nia...den may v gd n kind sia...coz she helps to serve as mani as possible..=x hahaz...den gg hm tym ritez she let me go off 1st since i nv take attendance or wad =x legs super sour sia


Saturday, April 25, 2009

ehhx me n kaka stun wen we saw each other...hahax coz im w8tin for d door to open n i tot is manager went to buy brkfast mahz...den sudenli kaka cum up...i stun...den she oso stun coz she tot is steffi workin...den we slack sia...=x have lunch den we do flowers...i holdin the garbage bag, she cut the bad flowers into the bag...we chit chat abit den all of a sudden d vase toppled over n broke into pieces...we lyk 0.0 huh?!

clean up the mess n do evryting that is necessary...wasehx is pro d lorz do dao lai is 630 liaoz le sia...haixz yaya...


Saturday, April 18, 2009

hahahahaz...shiji mood gd so buy swit for me...lolx sia...den he damn pro d lorz...sms him cn duno hw long den c dao d....0.0''


Friday, April 17, 2009

well d mitin is kinda funi for me agn...coz d female speaker tot im oreadi d agent der le den y i stil sit in frnt newcomer lyk tt...den she askd her assistant i look familiar horz den he jiu yeaa lorz i oso tot she v familiar as well...o.o'' den 430pm toilet brk mahz...i cum bek my grp d head ytd saw me le mahz...he today stil cn rmb my name sia...den he oso feel i look familiar...d gal bsides him oso feel d same way...i jiu stun....LOlx...he jiu ohh no lahx u gt celebrity face here...ur face bisect up cn look lyk d ppl here....0.0....wasehx =.=''

after d mitin...its abt 6pm le so i went str8 dwn to douby...den damn hard to contact ferina dis gf d lorz...her hp buang liaoz le...=x =/ den i kan dao tricia sia...she w8tin for her fren for an hr+ le sia...den we chat lorz...den 640pm lyk tt gf cor to say she wana eat ask me okk nt den of coz im fine wif it d mahz...so went out...den tricia go hm dun wan w8 liaoz...

hmm den we2 mit 1st ting we wana go is to d toilet...den in der gf saw a hp bein left bhind den we tot is d aunty one so i went out to find but cnt find...so i took d hp n kns i hv to re-q agn...fk lahz d aunty tot i cut q =.='' kind soul bcum lyk tt....=/

its a SE hp so i look for d pix...sia la nt aunty d lehz is a lady d lehz...we dcided to brin it to a police post wen we r on d way hm...so we go long john makan...i put d hp on d table mahz...so i was chewin my food wen gf say :"hey hp cor u ans lehz"...i was u ans nahz i makan-in lehz...hahahaz den she giv a valid reply:"scarli she speaks chinese hw idk mahz"...i swallowed my food n ans it...

cool she speaks english d...LOlx...buden nt local though...coz i said"we r hvin dinner"...."we r hvin a meal" she huh huh..."we r eatin" ohhhh...=.='' she at city hall sia...n she cnt rmb whr she left her hp at siol...den i said im at douby...she wan mit entrance den i makan mahz she askd whr...long john...ohh okk i mit u at The Face Shop...=.='' i wearin black skirt n carryin a red bag...i cumin over frm city hall...ohh okk o.o''

chiong food dwn d throat =x hahahz anw its jux a few mre bites nia lahz...den we go face shp c c look look 1st...den outside we stil cnt c her mahz...den dis ahmong salesgal tok to us abt her product...i nt interestd onli wan find d lost hp lady n go hm nia =x hahahaz

so wen we left d saelsgal n went up d escalator i 0.0 n said "ehhz look tts her mahz..." den we go bek dwn agn...omt she looks kinda so angry lyk tt...=x hahahz...den she was lyk so hapie to get her hp bek...n she gave us a box of smth...i tot she wun give us anyting coz she might b in a rush to mit us mahz...though gf gt said ppl usuali buy tings for d kind soul d...

den we takin red line she oso takin red line....buden we nv take tgt nahz...coz she walks damn fast n shoots ahead of us...den in d train we sit dwn n c wad she gt us...cool green tea...LOlx...buden ferina dun take d so i take it hm norz...=]


Thursday, April 16, 2009

heyhey saw ahgong n his fren alitez at kallang i tink...ahhaa same cabin n diden noe sia...LOLx...
welll cn i long stori cut short? =x hahaz anw tink im kinda lyk d business proposal anw =]
hahaaz tot wld b a short briefin diden noe tt it wld cosume so much tym sia...den ahhx me sit in frnt of d table wif calvin bsides me...den d mini rm full hse le hou d speaker den strt to brief us...d 2nd speaker hu came in is kinda funi ehhz...coz he cum in he lyk so stun n stare at me o.o?
LOlzx coz i looked lyk one of d fren der? LOlz...i oso stun ehhz by his reaction =x hahahahaz


Monday, April 13, 2009

well mit wif ferina den bcum i late by 10mins...den she reachd der 10mins earlier..o.o
hahahz go wdlns pnt to ask for a shp name buden der all under renovation sia...so after some tym dcide to ask a nearby shp for some infos...den d aunty duno gt suspect us nt haha coz i ask d mahz...gt d info le jiu take 903 bek to wdlns interchnge...

go john lil to apply for d mem card...damn idiotic sia...im 18 le den d uncle use CALCULATOR say im stil nt yet 18 =.='' wth im gg 19 dis yr le lorz...tink is either d calculator or d uncle buang le...=/

nxt stop is to Mustafa...so empty sia...so gd to walk abt ehhz...really so spacious...lolx...dun hv dos ahem squeezin uu at all...so gd...=x hahaz den i nv buy dao anyting o.o'' hahas wanted to walk to bugis d n i had askd qihui hw to oso...buden jiu shi sudenli blur n uncertain le mahz den dun take risk we use train hao le...=x hahhahaz

wen otw to bugis i comment tt i nid some glucose coz feel kinda fainty...hahaz n ferina say she oso feel kinda fainty...0.0 so reach bugis we buy swit tok 1st...coz idk y we2 felt kinda dizzy n giddy lyk tt...lyk gona faint off soon le sia...so by hvin smth swit we2 r feelin much btr le...=D

at diva is kan dao someting we wan buden nv buy...den walk iLuma...hai hao bahz...aircon stil damn cold =/ as we came dwn d escalator frm rc shpin centre to city link...me saw kenneth lee wif his gf worz...=P hahahax anw we2 walk to city link ferina buy her shoes n we contd to walk to Marina Sqaure d Diva whrby we had jux reserved a square for her at bugis...den at der i buy a gold 2row square for myself as well...pretti sia d tingy =x hahahz gt a mood necklace as well...haha duno hw cum both items cheaper by a dollar sia...so i saved $2 o.o

hahhaz frm d tym i at mustafa i gt askd boonhai wana mit up nt...hahaz den lyk wan dun wan d...hahaz so nw gg hm bo bian gt to cfm agn mahz is gt or nt...den gt...LOlx..so ferina at je alote to go do her stuffs at yewtee 1st whreas i go boonlay....funi sia...he cum fetch me frm hm...he alite bus walk over n board bus agn...hahahaz...

funi sia...my mama cor me wen we on d bus n i gt to lie thru...=.='' anw dao his jia he said his father at hm i jiu o.o hahaz den nvm nahz...went in his rm he closed his door we heard his father said to a fren bside him 'brin zha bo bek hm'....=.=''

rottin sia...coz nth do...=x den abt 10+ i left for hm...if nt mama sure tok abt me wen i reachd hm d...by 1048 i oreadi dao jia le sia...buden nida rest n evryting =x


Saturday, April 11, 2009

well well well...went to d library wif mama...n im so luky lorz...cn borrow dao 4bks tt im been w8tin to borrow d lorz...den w8 for mama to read her chinese newspaper n outside strts to pour le sia...=.=''

ohh yaa omost 4gt to mention dis...ritez after lunch den i realised my pinky fingernail had been halved...O.O shockin sia...coz my nails r long d lor...den brk oso brk at whr n wen...=.='' buden brk dao hen mei ye...hahhaz lyk i cut it instead d lorz =x hahhaa


Friday, April 10, 2009

workin wif kaka slack dao cnt slack...hahhax coz after we done d flowers in d mornin...we had our lunch...den its rainin v heavili...=/ den abt 5pm i boiled some water...n we had tea brk...hahax she wana hv mcflurry n fries so i went to buy...den we share d fries n slack dao~...read newspaper ahhx...den ermx 645pm close shp...she long bang me in d cab...coz she gt a bag of her old clothes to giv me mahz...den gd norz i save tym as well...=D


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

umm went tws n c tt super mani chnges...lyk tchrs disapear but some r stil arnd nahz...n ders d nv die principal...wonder wen wil he let go of d sch sia....=.='' =x had lunch le den off i go to phoenix lrt stn to mit up wif sihui to go taka....

we kinda 'shppin' bahz...den go take pay hou go makan seoul garden coz we kinda hungry le...den after tt go walk cine bek to taka n bek to cine...hahahax coz she ana do xpress manicure...i jux did my nail art on mon mahz so lyk wasted ehhz...den pedicure i in d end oso dun wan do =x

walk to centrepnt mac sit dwn..1014 lyk tt walk to plaza sing der sit...11pm bahz her papa cum fetch us bek hm...coz her mama at cck der mitin uo wif her frens d ahz...=] so slpi sia n i pissed at another guy cor andy...dis surname is tan =x


Monday, April 06, 2009

haha bought 3tixs for the 12.30pm show at lot1...chen long d xi...overall comment...i dun really h8 it hahha nor do i love it..its jux avg...i tink i stil prefer him go rnd fighting mre den dis sia...=x dun tu po la chen long...=x

d show v accurate 2hrs end...hahah so went to d 24hr der for some quik bites...haha der i ask zhen jun to cum mit me instead of mrt stn...coz suddenli rmb he takin bus here shld b nearer d bahz..=x den pay him c hp le den he left...jux ritez after he left mama reached...lolololx...

den ahyi wana go hm le...so we3 w8 for papa at lot1 main entrance...coz he wana buy prepaid card...den buy hao le he acc us ntuc awhile den he left for work agn...den we3 daily routine lyk tt...pay go str8 hm...

nw im doin my nails...both hands n feets....=.= =x



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
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