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Thursday, July 30, 2009

well i guess my day strtd wrongly bahz...coz a teammate nt hapie with me coz i slacker...=.='' i askd wad i shld do...she askd me wad i understand...haiyo...jiu shi i understand generally so i ask wad i nid to noe specifically mahz...=x =/

wahh aft sch lyk mini gathering sia...coz mit orange to go bbdc d mahz...i ftt...thn rach join us...mit her at lib south entrance...thn she pass dk wad ting to hakim...thn cheryl n bona join us...LOlx...thn ling frm my biz law module oso join us...thn eugene run to us...LOL...

thn walk dao mrt stn kan dao xuer...muahhaas...xuer nv join us to bbdc...so onli me orange ling n eugene nia...thn abit kuku...gt free shuttle n yet we missed it..=.='' so cab dwn LOlz...thn horz orange register as pte auto thn horz i failed my ftt...the 2 ppl seated bside me passed sia...i were lyk wtf

were waiting for free shuttle bus d...thn eugene said gota mit fren at lot1 so cab dwn...thn sibei funi d lorz...said his fren cancel mit up o.o thn makan dinner n chit chat...thn home...otw home...near swit tok thr...i tot i saw a face so familiar sia...thn the guy oso 0.0 LOlz...yuan lai shi huat frm audi d...thn i jiu hw come u here sia...thn i saw hock oso...i ask bo peng? lolx coz gt 2 other frens mahz...lolz...miracle cn mit dao them sia...thn mood abit btr le...Lol...

come home okk nahz...thn mama tel me papa work dao end of aug nia...thn i jiu console mama okk d npp d...we cn survive d...coz even the god horz oso tel her nt to tink too much...thn nvm...i go do rj...thn walao...yue xiang yue nan guo sia...=.='' feel lyk hmm crying?depress?haiyoyo...so nt leo d lorz me =x anw gtg slp le lahz...


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hahhaz...mit gene to mit truman ang...long tym no c dis palz le sia...hw many yrs le huh...hmm since sec4 til nw? tts lyk 3yrs? omt thn cnt contact him so sms sis for his home number...muahahah zai ehhs...cor him come dwn LOlz...

thn go lot1 walk one rnd...thn sit at food court n chit chat...hmm anw look wad i gt frm truman's blogshp...=x


Friday, July 24, 2009

Wasehz…today so hungry lyk tt lorz…thn suddenly wan eat subway…heng gt ppl acc me eat oso…thn q-in up idk y my stomach rly telling me tt it is hungry siaoz…hahaz thn I rly siaoz…had 3 sauces n all the veggies…muahahaz super healthy d okk…=x thn my drink standard drink oso le…mix 4types d…barley+lemon tea+sprite+grape=my drink nice lehs I lyk ehhs hahhz

Thn aft sch go cut fringe…hmm xuer acc me go…thn I kana the guy…well…okk bahz…$3 only…standard price for cutting fringe thr…bb to my colord fringe…hii to the rest of it…hahaz…tink I wan go for the $10 rebonding for the fringe le bahz…gg to do it 4 bday…buden lyk everyday bz d sia me…dk the aunty gt do evening d nt…if gt gd for me I cn do it aft sch le…=x hahhaz…

Ohh yaa wanted to treat xuer waffle d…buden kns nahz…pay $4 they dun have chnge so ask us gt $1 nt…sianz nahz coz I dun have chnge in my wallet…thn xuer gt…thn buy waffle mahz…her one jux nice a dollar nia…thn she dun wan have filling…=/ nvm at least she gt eat smth…=x go lot1 walk walk abit thn go home…

Evening go tw market n temple with mama norz…thn horz I saw mdm sharena & her daughter…I tot I c wrong person buden she seems to kinda rmb me ehhz….thn v lil bit nia n we r bb le…hahaz…


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aft sch go RC work at gingersnaps..thn I tink gt theft under me…sianz..thn the aunty abit anti me aft tt…if nt she quite okk with me d…=/ sianz…thn 830pm I eat a pkt of oreos n a bread nia…930pm end work feel so damn hungry nahz…thn go home drink d last dk hw ml of yogurt drink n a bowl of warm soup…heng mama gt save one for me…=x thn go slp…super heng the ‘hmwks’ ez to do so in sch finish le thn go d…


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aft sch acc xuer go jp buy her sony pink color mp3…the heart shpe d…haha thn go bkstore…walk abt awhile mre thn go have dinner…omt we nida wear smth lyk apron d sia…thn horz we take pixs of it nahz…n they 2 say smth tt is damn funi for me that I cnt eat the bread n nida lurff dao~…seriously I lurff dao even one of the waiter look at me sia…so paisehz..=x thn wen we left we jux realized we been inside thr for omost 2hrs? =x hahahhaz thn payment gene said I do the pin number…n of coz pass nahz coz I noe the pin num mahz =x hahhaz I even said to xuer to rob his card thn we cn go shppin tgt le hahahha!

Go ntuc find squid/sotong n octopus to let xuer c wads wads….buden they dun have…so saddd…hahhaz ohh yaa…tts how my sotong cmpy rly strted bahz I guess hahahax….=x so hu is as blur as sotong cn join…apply to join us at facebook…type in ~Ika~…tink cn find us bahz hahah…if t drop me a mail n I inv u in bahz hahhaha!!

Thn Anderson ice cream….4scoops…hahahz thn use same method I used on xuer earlier to make sure she gt eat…haha =x ohh yaa jux nw dinner only let her drink abit of my sake nia thn she oreadi drunk le sia….coz she turn at the wrong place for toilet thn oso say wrong ting…omt I pour her one small cup…she took one small sip…jiu oreadi lyk dis le…cnt let her drink le sia…=x


Monday, July 20, 2009

Had sakae sushi at lot1 with gene n orange…they rly order ika for me sia…omt…thn I tink we eat for quite some time bahz…coz we left is oreadi last order type le…lolx…go mac sit n tok bit mre…drink wad mochacino d…the 2 cups gt different dsigns d sia..so pretty lorz…thn realized gene rly love mango a lot…earlier had mango ice cream le…nw he had mango smoothie…=.=’’


last nite so speechless....

letting go can be so onfusing tough...
both parties saddd dao...
crying til idk wad...

he called me idk hw many tyms...
i dun wan to pick up n ans...
dun wan to hear his cried/crying voice...

made me worried by sms-in me that he nt gg home
gg to a place whr he n his father used to go d...
thn wad mani ppl drown d...

thn nvm mama bekgrnd music wan me go slp...
so mass sms fam mems hu r close to us d
to make sure he go home

n i tink coz way too tired le
i fell aslp str8 aft worrying for idk hw long


Sunday, July 19, 2009

cui jux nw at work nth to do so i re-do the driving test spcimen paper...gg liaoz me...44/50
swee liaoz le lahz...nida re-read the whole bk agn le...nvm dis i do it nxt week sunday if nt i stm the ans agn...=x =/


Saturday, July 18, 2009

wahh it had been sometyms since i work with manager le sia...buden today pass d nt badd...=] went to fetch gf at dhoby...reach home so tired sia..tink dis week rly tiring week for me bahz...wad to do?...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

14/07 [tues]
wasai walk frm raffles place to funan...
mit the gang gg for bona bday
thn ahhz out frm funan thn i noe central so damn near it...
if i noe it earlier
i wld go central walk walk first thn funan mit up le =.=''
hmm go mustafa thr find liquor
nxt chalet...M-05
coool orange d kc thr le
hmm cheryl's mum n grandpa dliver dinner
nice sehs cheryl's ahma d cooking
thn jerome & matilda cums tgt
play poker cards...hakim n michael arrived as well
haha me orange n cheryl prep balloons dwnstair thn heng bona playin his idk wad the game name =x
thn nice sia truth or dare
truth jerome kana haha
dare bona kana
thn nice cn blindfold him
hmm the rest is so hard to dscribe
only pixs cn tel
ting is i dun have it hahahaz
nice memories yeah hah
orange me n eugene cab bek tgt
by the tym i slp i tink is 2am le hahahaz

15/07 [wed]
wasehx i 640am wake up
nt enuff slp d nahz
buden heng claz is so fun dao i dun feel tt slpi le
though i rly feel lyk slping when josephine gg thru the resource review =x

thn today biz law lsn shamala nt here
nvm haha
thn biz law ut
coz ez buden stil abit duno hw to ans =.=''
nt enuff tym oso

ohh yaa
idk wads wrong with me sia
sudenli gd appetite sia
1st brkout buy spag with chkn chop bek to class eat
2nd brkout eat prata saug
wen i buy the prata i tink dao mama might cook it
thn nvm
ting is hw cum i eat so mani lyk tt =x =.=''

reachd home mama rly gt prep d prata saug =.='' wth waste $ only nia me =/


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wahh saii
nt enuff slp
so tired
cmi liaoz
tml biz law ut
die le =.=''


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hmm ltr gg for facial agn =x thn go chalet celebrate bona bdae =] gona b a fun one yeahh hahahz


Monday, July 13, 2009

4gt to put in d gift tht manager had bought frm her honeymoon trip Phuket [plz idk d spelling =.=" =x]


Sunday, July 12, 2009

funi d sia...ytd v sianz n lazi to read the 600qns for ftt...thn chance upon specimen paper at the bek of the bk...so i tried...KNS sia...fail dao hen chan...tink 37/50...omt sia
thn nvm today rly go read finish d whole bk of 600qns...thn i re-do...swee onli 3wrongs...buden v kns d 3qns...
coz tt 3qns gt 2qns ytd i correct thn today i wrong...wth...duno is ytd tikam d or wad...niamind thn the other wrong qn mre pro...ytd wrong today wrong agn...nv learn frm mistake d sia me =x hahhaa


Thursday, July 09, 2009

aft sch walk home with uma amanda n gf...hahaz thn tok with gf mre coz she ask me thn i oso crap abt tt baka guy...pizzed sia...=x hahaz uma ahhz rly noe hw to convince me n gf to go the same way as her...lolx so poor galz amanda alone home...buden no big difference bahz since go towards marina we2 oso alitez at sembanwang...so we chnge to IMM instead norz...

thn she pro sia...ezlink lost hw apply for student plan sia...thn worse if use hers coz bill will send to her place...so in d end being such a gd gf...i use my name evryting...hahaz...thn walk to some specific shps...hahaz...she bought drez n shoes...lolx...rly shppin sia she...=x

hahahz go home tel mama nahz...thn she lyk kinda worrie...cant blame her...hahaz..thn i tel her dun nid scare d nahz coz i noe whr she lives n i noe her mum hahaha =x hahaz mama wan tel me mre abt wad laws tingy bahz so i said...dun tel me anyting abt law le lahz...i today enuff law le...LOlz..

wheeee tml gona pon lsn to help marylyn's young aunt hannah to b her 'model' in facial or massage or wad d lahz...coz its foc...by ritez is tues nia...thn her trainer sudenli tml nid..so she assume i cn thn bein such a gd person plus foc...hw cn i refuse her? hahahz so tues im gona pon agn...n tues im gona brin lin along...=D nananananahz nw i cn tink ahead on hw i cn help with d chalet le bahz =x hahhaaz


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

lolx...wana go yishun d buden in d end chnge to tpy library...coz i wana mit up with killer n jello =x hahaz thn at thr do rj borrow 2bks oso...=x bkworm wad to do? hahaz
abt 6+ left d place...so sianz...nitez tym audi with them...yenxi lvl 8 buden nv play much onli 1rnd jiu zhao do hmwks le...=/ galz ahhx u no prac hw cn improve?!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

haha aft sch gt ut...aft ut mit shirley weiwei n ugine go marsliing cc sing...=x hmm its cheap n the songs thr cn compete with kbox horz...we sing 6-8 nia...thn ugine go str8 home...we3 galz go pasar malam buy food sit dwn n eat chill slack...hahaz n i bought a blue top =x =/

go civic plaza mac to do quiz...sibei heng sia coz i rmb i put my com to slp buden take out it isit so its so freaking hot nahz...sianz cnt audi coz bo power...thn hapen to noe weiwei oso gt audi d lehz...ahahaz so add her up norz...

kinda miracle c dao hock huat n peng playin ehhz hahax n huat ask me play with them...thn i nida cor daddy...so i 1hand play 190...wth =.='' thn weiwei & shirley oso cor in to listen to the mass conference...lolz...fun sia...=x

frm 1030 wan leave bcum 1120 leave...thn all heng stil gt train n bus home...poor weiwei leave so far =x


Monday, July 06, 2009

haha finishd sch abit early so do all the hmwks first...so heng rj cn make it...walking out of sch oso cn mit dao 3 yr1 sem 1 frens sia...wati hanie n artz...thn mit daddy at cwp...walk abt cwp n thn buy some food frm pasar malam thn sit dwn slack...go library slack bit mre thn go bek cck lot1 mit up with joslyn...ahhaz sit at mac tok thn send her off...


Sunday, July 05, 2009

damn funi sia...coz aft work its raining mahz...thn me n shella were lyk to open d umbrella or nt...thn reachin the traffic lite le n we stil yet to make up our minds...so in d end d traffic lite helpd us make d dcision by chnging to green man...bo bian gt to rush xross the road le...if nt open umbrella sure lai bu ji d...thn horz i run...reachin opp liaoz le...thn rite foot slipper go kana stuck in d water...n i ran on at least 2mre steps thn go bek n wear it bek...somemre i "AHH!" LOlz...gt ppl thr standing lehz...so paisehx sia...buden we2 lurff dao~! ahhahhaz its freaking funi nahz if u r thr =x


Friday, July 03, 2009

aft sch go off with amanda xuer orange...tok crap n lurff all d way to wdlns mrt...hmm daddy w8tin for me le buden i jiu shi kan bu dao wth he is...onli inside d train thn c him...haha orange ka jiaoz him ahhz...coz i said he is daddy thn orange said hi im ahma =x LOlz...thn amk say bb to dem...poor orange alone to orchard since amanda gona alitez nxt at bishan =x

mit my dii...he owaes so quiet d...at arcade find d other 3fam mems...dii stil so quiet =.='' buy tixs walk one rnd...thn go in le...its so funi wen im looking at d trailer...inside watchin d movie nt so funi le lehz =x hahahaz....

OMT chipmunks 2 gona cum out soon le sia!!! i wana watch it!!! hmm stil gt so mani movies to watch sia...gt wad huh...hmmm...I.G.Joe....UP.....thn d guniea pigs d....wahhhz~!!!

send dii off at mrt stn thn we5 go lan shp...play til 10pm...so laggy d sia...d usual way of gg home...hahaz coz dey said wan take bus home buden in d end oso take train...same as last tym d =x



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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Canon Digital IXUS 130
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