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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

omt i nv post ytd...no tym is one xcuse...no itouch is another...n i 4gt is another...=.=''
i tink i cn post weekly post hao le lahz...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

i tink im gona blog on tues wen im freeee =x


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

im so lazy to blog sia...hmm mind if i blog wen im super freee & thrs super many posts plz? =x


Thursday, October 15, 2009

had the most interesting way to c a doc today...
aft sch go ornage class while waiting for gene to end his fyp
thn me n orange go library rot awhile
orange so harkworoking d sia...
borrowd financial accounting bk...

gene po sia...cn walk pass us de sehz...
thn we3 began our journey to the clinic...
coz we went to chongpang n the clinic is closed
so we took bus bek to marsiling
heng q number v fast jiu dao wo le...
had dinner thn bus home


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

david told me gene n orange tt he planning to go for a new haircut aft sch...n we3 auto volunteer to go with him...=] so aft sch all4 went to cwp...orange machiam david's mother sia...hahahahaz...rly! =x

thn gene showd david how to style his hair...aft tt he said he want to get new jeans...coz of sch lo...sch helps to make economic grow abit mre wen they wan us to wear smth 'proper' to sch...=x david looks so shuai aft he gt his new polo tops n jeans...poor boi...cnt get use to the feel of the jeans yet...dun worrie nahz...u slowli wilget use de =D

orange & david went bek home..me n gene wait abt 20mins thn go into sakae for sushi buffet! =x hahhaz...thn we so full sia..coz we were lyk damn slpy otw home nahz...


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pathetic! tts the word i will use for ytd sales class lunch mit up...only me & orange nia...=/

aft class rach came to my class...we did rj then gene came...dinner at e1 b4 we went to take a bus dwn to the bottle tree park...bona & cheryl thr le wors...chillax while waiting for orange to come...

20prawns we gt..thn cnt bbq so rach brin them all bek home...heng rach gt last bus home...me n gene with orange on kc's cr bek...send gene home to his doorstep thn my turn to go home...had a chat with orange & kc otw home...

i gt to acknowledge some of the tings...they r true nahz...so i had to admit here is that...i lost my logical wisdom for that nitez...idk y n how i lost it for that moment...but usually realisation often comes too late & often smth had to happen thn u kinda regret thn wil u realised it...how sad ahz..


Thursday, October 08, 2009

had lunch with gene, david, bona & cheryl...hmm lsn ends le...buden stil gt to w8 for gf & her fren...sianz so late hvn end...went cwp converse & gt my shoes xP

gene bought his razor mamba mouse...hmm thn i went to get an ezlink card holder at precious thots...

gf mit up with tt rp boi...1st tym since they broke up...awkward sia...we4 train bek to cck...they2 idk go whr aft tt guy want to go for watson's job application...me go c doc...come out frm the doc office my hp commited sucide...=[ N1 lorz...ytd jux drop it nw drop it agn...sianz..


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ytd had first lsn of the sem..marketing at 830am...sianz sia...faci so hiong one wen it comes to work...kns sia nahz...sianz norx...thn hmm today offday...officially 4day week...wana chiong oso cnt...nvm lorz...aft lunch clement n his mum came...he helpd me with the router but unsuccesful coz wrong plan? hmm thn both mama toking norz...i slpy le sia...they abt 330pm leave...n ic since we r nt gg out...i askd gene to buy white bread...if nt i bo brkfast eat le sia tml...=x

had my 2nd dose of medi n i sit on a chair n doze...mama nap on the mattress...aft she left i thn chnge place...was slpin happily de...until yixiang cor...at 1st i tot hu sia...thn cck lrt...i jiu huh ohh u yx huh...kns nv say hu n tok to me...thn i sianz 15mins mit...n i feel so sianz n he cnt chnge date coz he out of his hse le...nvm i sos gene...they2 mit...n1n1...=.=''

gt my PP's comments le...nida rework...i done le nahz...hvn resubmit it...idk y advisor dun edit for us since the comments he given me is u noe lahz...edited...o.o hmmm


28-30 0909 [mon-wed]
had driving lsn til 530pm...went gene's hse to stay for 3days...hmm...tues nv went anywhr...but at nitez we wana watch 'Fame' de...cheryl cor so we mit her n bona at vivo...the tix counter close le sia..cnt watch le...bought sparklers n candles...hmm...david join us aft his fren's bday party...went to bottle tree park prawning...

its a very fun exp...xD had a drink too much...=x thn nvm heng morning shella cor me say i dunid to go work...she cn manage...n1...cn rest...if nt i at thr itch lyk siaox...buden i alr had put on my makeup...sianz...=.="

hmm 12am thn reachd home bahz...felt sore throat on its way le ehhs...=x

021009 [fri]
drive 1hr til 4pm...valerie saw me...had a small chat thn she went off le...heng gene left home in cab wen i txt him...if nt i cn rot thr le sia...so otw to bukit timah shpin centre...i only tot of wanting to cut my fringe nia...in d end had my hair trim shorter...n dyed my whole head...

thn finishd im hungry alr...=x wana eat xiao long bao one...buden close shp le...so went to opp street...had porridge with ermx salted eggs =D, 'snow' fish [dk real name =x], piggy intestine with the fatty meats xD n barley drink...eat dao full sia =x

031009 [sat]
ahyi & sis came to my workplace to collect the snow skin mooncakes...
aft work went to gene's ahma hse for steamboat dinner...

041009 [sun]
had porridge at gene's ahma hse...coz i nv went home...thn c fb thn noe is shella's bday...gene bought her a lemon cheesecake...i 130pm thn reachd workplace...thn she left to have lunch with liyana & jeff & their lovely baby galz...i vacuum hao le n was mopping wen marylyn & tiak came...omt...i tio stun nt scare =x =.=''

aft which marylyn cor liyana aft she askd me some qns...abt 4pm shella came bek n saw the cake...shes so touched =]

aft work her frens surprise her with a 'robbery' hahahhaz...thn had jap dinner with them at RC...i eat with 8 other frens idk de...n all speak bahasa...n1...i gong...jux eat nia...hahahhaz...910pm i go bek home norz...coz gt sch nxt day at 830am lehz! -.-''



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
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Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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