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Monday, August 31, 2009

walk to tws with sis
mit reuben at hall
cool the celebration nt badd d bahz
saw my batch so poor response d =x
bobian d bahz
coz all sch + xams /NS le =/

went ion with gene
had lunch at the hk cafe tingy
the manager?
v pro
tok into gene to purchase the membership card
gt a bottle of red wine
n idk wad else
went to mustafa to c gf 's blusher
she said too x
so we nv buy anyting n left

went bona hse thr w8 for them to go yishun safra
they miting frens for bowling
had an earli dinner of chkn rice
super full lorz =x
thn my feet cmi le
cfm gt blisters le
coz jux nw run for the idiot bus =.=''

gene buy plasters for me
went to buy sandals for me as well
felt lyk wad sia me
put plasters n chnge to sandals
buden ritez aft i chnged to sandals
i cn ermx do mre tings?
my feet felt relieved bahz =x lolz

hmm andrew n gang oso at safra pool
gene c them play he oso wan play
so he had one rnd
hahaz rusty yet cn win
thn we left for home


Sunday, August 30, 2009

siala idk is david's bday today...til cheryl told me in the mornin thn i noe abt it d sia...if i noe thn i wun cancel the 'outing' le sia...thn nvm norz...coz gf no nid go mustafa le so we went home instead...cck mit gene n david...had dinner n icecream...hmm yaa tts abt it hahah


Saturday, August 29, 2009

poor shella morning thn noe nida do the church clothes tingy n give it to them by sunday which is tml nahz...thn she nv brin to work n her aunt dk y dun wan help her...so she is v v upset...thn i late for work by 30mins...she nvm nahz...hmm...thn i kind soul...went to help her take at admiralty...

1pm i on the train otw to her hse lorz...tt idiot yijie dun wan help me go her hse take 1st...if nt i dun nid so mafan take cab go le...hmm thn the taxi uncle oso gd...he w8 for me while i go up take...buden i left my bag behind nahz...hmm thn cab fare $6.20 i bo 20cents thn he oso nvm...

reach bek workplace is lyk 240pm le lehzx...shella treat me lunch...mac =x hahahahz...hmm thn work lyk so fast past d sia...aft work went to plaza sing to fetch my dear gf...=] omt she went body shp buy brush...i bought concealer + makeup remover...lyk dis spend i m broke le lorz...=.=''


Friday, August 28, 2009

ehhz had lunch at JP de ajisen with gene n his fren - yida [sry if wrong spelllin] =x
his fren left for town with his fren
we walk arnd
i gt my hp scrn protector n crystal case
hmm cnt say finali hahaz
coz is jux last nitexz thn my scrn protector mia de
thn crystal case is smth xtra for my hp =x

hmm went zinc n mondo tour one rnd
gt my sharperner at chamelon...finali gt it x]
thn ahz dk hw n wad to say le
yaa...so ermx
abt 4pm ahyi cor said she n sis done movie le at lvl 2 de john lil so i went to find them n gene went home
omt nahz his face so white le sia

tian ahhz mondo onli 1 salesgalz..thn service suxs...nvm so we went to take shuttle bus to je to IMM...at je chnge shuttle bus to IMM...=.='' =x
thn ahhz...
the mondo service suxs agn
walk to je mrt stn

7+pm take train cn slim dwn sia
coz all sandines d mahz
hmm at least lot1 mondo service nt badd
based on my sister is that the service is very gd

so we gt our heels kekekez


Thursday, August 27, 2009

mit gf go town...
marina so empty d sia
so nice to walk n shp abt
she bought zara shirt n 2 pairs of rubi coverd shoes..
i bought 1 white shades n esprit pouch
finali found a pouch le =x hahahahz
go ion shp awhile jiu go bek cck le
she buy lens for herself n
socks for her father
thn home
nitex tym go tw temple
thn NTUC
thn home
super tired sia i tel u
anw felt so hapie i gt took pixs with gf
wan c plz go facebook c


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

holis tym!
330pm i said bb to RP..hahhaha
bona cheryl gene n me went cwp arcade
cheryl play the bowling thn wan to play d real bowling n nt arcade style le
so we plan
go c gengen...thn yishun safra...
cute sehx gengen...zerond oso cute hahahz
hmm gene nv bowl thn he gtg le...
hakim n david gt join us...so we 5ppl bowl...

hakim play 2games jiu go le
the 4 of us playd 3games
cab bek
coz is past midnitez le
reach home is 1am liaoz
by the tym i slp is 130am le

whole day at bbdc sia
lyk working at thr le sia
frm 11+am til 4pm


730am wake up jux to studi ftt
6hrs of slp nia
nt badd ehhz
while studyin listen to own ipod songs
bath le use sis lapie on9 for half hr
thn gt to go to gombak on my own
miss the bus so might as well walk lo.
abt 20mins cn reach le sia
rot for 15mins thn go in take d test
left 28+mins, i submit n i c d words 'PASSED'!
dk y in past tense form
take shuttle to mit orange
our timing damn zhun sia jux nice d
makan jiu walk to bbdc =x
chat with orange b4 she go take her btt.
she faild...thn i acc her to bustop
she go give tuition i go bek bbdc agn
wait for clement to apply for pdl
the eyecheck damn ez n fast d nahz
thn mit gf...she 4pm gt her prac
finali had some toking with her...
buden i feel nt enuff =
go bek cck.
reach home 5pm.

die le lahz i whr gt tym for driving lsn?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

well ytd sat 22aug - Ben's bday chalet ehhs
aft work rush dwn to pasir ris escape coz hilda hong ask me faster come
thn i reachd thr le horz...nida w8 for art n the rest...thn she gd...at the chalet n nv come out pei wo...made me stand thr for half hr mre? so tired d whole day le lorz...work nv sit dwn dao thn at thr stil nid to stand n w8...damn gd sia...

hmm art tini isaac luke came thn all cram in keith car...ben singing le sia...=x abit way too late...[plz im nt late =.=''] hmm thn ahhz hilda n frens nida go...n1 the fren car 6ppl le cnt cram me in liaoz...nvm gd fren i gt here...=| sms gene norz =x hahaz...

bbq food n eat...gene came...miracle he saw his fren thr sia o.o walk to take bus bek to mrt stn...n1 agn...train service had ended....q for cab...q long ehhs...isaac cor for cab...he cn join sotong cmpy le nahz...dk whr r we...walk arnd the taxi stand to c whr is out location...'White Sands' taxi stand! =x

i tell uuuuu...cabbies rly kns...w8ting for 12midnite so cn chrge mre...n thn horz if nt is w8 for on cor de...coz v fast within 5mins our cab come le...i tink is lyk 2mins jiu dao le lorz...=.='' they2 tok abt wad hacking de...interesting. =]

& i 4GT to sms xuer 12midnitez happy birthday sia! T.T anw happie birthday ehhs xuer n xuele x]

thn today sunday...i slp dao hapy happy thn wake up...8hrs of slp...shiok sia...=x hahaz...12pm thn board the train...tot cn reach thr by 1230pm d...haha hu noes i so pro cn slp dao~ =x buy lunch bek...use com...hahhaz...shella family come to visit...i use com =x hahaha! study FTT...nth cn go in my brain sia =x gt nahz a lil bit? haha =x

dinner went to yishun...hmm mit 4 new ppl? hahaz...makan hou walk to safra...thn walk bek northpnt...gd xcercise ehhs aft dinner =x hahahhaaaaz...hmm tink gg zinc tml to look at pouch le bahz...at northpnt walk past c dao lyk gt pretti d ehhs =x


Friday, August 21, 2009

went orange's hse aft sales ut
studi onli 5 6p nia ehhx =x
12pm she nid go bek RHC so aft all had eaten her mum kindhearted dumplings we left.
went cwp to watch 'The Proposal'
gt 1 disgusting scene sia =x haahhaz
buden gt mani funiii scenes n hmm last part crying scene?
go bek sch for biz law ut
aft tt went to town
go hougang for dinner
cab home...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i wonder wads wrong with me...
went home with gene...he said take cab...so we cab lorz...
thn in the cab...
i stare at my bag...outside of the window
he askd me i okk nt
i jiu 'tel u wen i tink hao'

thn in d end nite tym msn
tok to him + listen jaychou songs = wana cry
=x =.='' =/

so tel me wads wrong with me?
so many tots in my head
yet no solutions
n idk hw to xpress myself
sianz gt UT3 somemre


Monday, August 17, 2009

freakish boredddd
boredd dao i at fb n msn rot
find ppl spam to chat with
nt much ppl entertain me de
coz all mugging de
no mood to studyyyy siaa
so rot n rot n rot
rot dao msn laggy =x
thn nvm worz
rot dao slpy le sia

boredom kills
nw thn i truly understand
nv been dis boredd d sia me [ i tink ]
no wan audi oso
coz laggy
make me no mood
+ nt much frens inside playin le
wonder hu del me off frm their bl sia
gt ppl mizzing
buden cnt rmb hu

at fb rot oso fun
only wen gt ppl entertain
if nt sianz oso le


Saturday, August 15, 2009

nida w8 45mins thn cn get seated at Astons @cathay.
hmm went to plaza sing aft tt.
tried to find eyeliner sharperner buden unsuccessful.
sianz lorz
d whole while im using wifi to on9 norz.
if nt cn b bored dao~.
shella saw me jux ritez outside faceshp.
i stun coz tot she working mahz.
otw home its strt to rain le sia
felt so cosy til wan slp buden entertaining slyangel mahz.


Friday, August 14, 2009

i cn nv blieve it tt i cn survive w/o lapie for 3days? since tues it died i cld hardly get to b on9...cn onli contact me via hp nia...buden i oso packd with activities bahz...tts y i dun feel the ermx addiction to b on9? idk hahaz anw tym to update wad i did in these past days le bahz...

well on 110809 tues...orange hakim gene rach david surprise me with a cake at cwp...say wana watch G.I.JOE n i nv tot they wld do dis to me =x nice movie ehhs...muz go watch ahhz...had dinner at mac...thn home...ohh yaa i today self declared holi hahaha =x

on the day of my bday 120809
11am mit shella go IKEA...hmmm 130pm thn leave IKEA to go lakeside to visit liyana kaka...had pizza at her place...thn aft shella tried the massage chair i went to have a try too....steffi came wen im trying on it...wen im done...the moment i sit n stand up...they jux nice lite up the candles on the cake le...omt...took pixs with them...buden i stil hvn recieved the pixs frm them ehhs...xcept gt 2 pixs tht is being instant prnt out...=x

6pm left the place rush home have a quik mee sua n cake with family...felt so badd nahz...nv rly had a proper celebration with my family members wen they so gd to me...went to shirley's hse with stuffs lorz...lyk gg chalet sia...with lapie shoes n clothes...=.=''

prep at her hse hou went off to dhoby by bus...mit up with weiwei thr...they oso gt me a small mini cake for me to have it all by myself...omt...thn vivo toilet oso gt take pixs...n i stil hvn gt it frm them...=x ugine came thn we go st james...=]

hmm reachd thr kinda earli bahz...nid I/C & student ezlink card thn weiwei bo brin her I/C so we bo bian acc her go take frm her hse which is nearby nahz...buden wen we reachd bek is lyk 12am+ le...heng earlier on we bk a locker le...so stuff our tings in...hmmm fun ehhs...guess i wun b addictd to it...if wan jio me go i dun mind d though x] met shirley's frens thr sia so bcome fren oso =x cab bek to shirley's hse...she str8 go slp...me n weiwei at least gt shower n drink a cup of milo 1st thn slp...

nv went to sch coz cmi le d tym...they went to tabao brunch bek...aft eating...we laze n tok...i fell aslp agn =.='' =x wake up use her lapie awhile watch tv thn i tink is 5pm me n weiwei left bahz...watchd tv n play sudoku...super sianz...

watchd paris n milan...thn abt the gf letting their bf taking their bags issue...iic liaoz jiu...hmmm heng i nt tt type of gal hu let bf take my handbag de...coz my handbag is ermx small~big size? i oso dk hw say...anw jiu shi dun tink is appropriate to let them take...unless bo bian for awhile thn cn...if nt dream on to take it frm me...ownself bring out d mahz thn jiu yao ownself take...

welll for today...alarm ring i huh y alarm sia i wan slp...thn nxt ting is ehhs hw come hp under my pillow nt keypad lock d...thn rmb im supposed to reply fren nv did so n fell aslp instead =.='' biz law class...2nd brk end...class whoohaa le sia...'hu wan zao?' 'hu zao-ing?' nice huh...i pack bag walk off...tink 1st out of class? hahaz went home to take wad acer waranty paper...kns...so hot...mit up with 2 sp-ians frens at je...go acer building...fast sia d service...the person listen to my prob le hou...lemme try their adaptor...batt bo prob...so he let me fill in a small particular form...check my lapie erial num gt waranty nt thn i give bek my old adaptor he pass me new one lemme try...gt lite thn he copi dwn the new adaptor num dwn hou jiu lemme try with lapie...if no prob i cn leave le...tried bo prob i leave...happie sehz x]

walk to IMM...super sunny hot cn...go daiso buy coffee drink...n 4other items nahz...go mac sit n rest...err by 5pm we took 188 bek...1 at bbdc chnge bus to bp...the other one send me home...hmm thn finali i cn use my lappie le sia...+w+


Thursday, August 13, 2009

well peepos...i had a gr8 tym for my bday...had 3 cakes dis year...tink rly fat liaoz =x..thxs uhhs all...hahaaz..anw nw at shirley's hse blogin dis post...so no pixs yaa...mayb wen my adaptor is alive thn i blogg? dk mayb onli =x


Saturday, August 08, 2009

070809 fri
aft sch mit sis thn go town...orange go work...gene c0me xtra...lolx...no lahz...he nid clear his wardrobe...send orange to work hou jiu aimlessly walk abt ion...thn go wisma buy my heels xD i abt to pay thn the nxt customer c dao i bo membership card lyk wan earn pnts bahz ask cn nt...i nv tink jiu sure...i tink horz...gt 10% off for me sia...coz $49.90 bcome $44.90...=x

nxt faceshp buy nail polishs!! ahhaahahz...base n top coat...n 4 other colors...thn 7days b4 n aft my bdae i cn get 10% sia...nt badd ehhs...hahaz...go conceirge thr...get dk wad vouchers...oso no use d ehhs =x

go taka c gt pizza hut nt...dun have lehz buden i rmb gt sia =x ask sis wad she wan she wan sushi..so went to cine the suki sushi x]


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

rach nv joind for lunch in d end...sadd =[ hmmm...thn tt xueer oso gd...i go to her class fetch her oso dun wan come...amanda oso dun wan...=/ thn nvm...went with shuen ugine n their 2 frens n eugene...wanted to get xueer plain waffle d...q long so buy her bubbletea instead...ermx MNC buy d hahaahz...

hahaz today i classic sia...ppt tym i said '....to prevent any accidental accidents' thn d whole class lurff...hahahz...in d end bcome classic for the class...hahahaxz...


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

kns sia...saw the grade for ytd module...i gt a D....waliaoz...shldnt had stayd in d first place...shld had zao...ya la ya la...my fault for nt speaking up...buden tt faci cant b so kuku d mahz...she noes hu nt speaking up tts y she aaskd specific qn d mahz...thn her paper c my face so clean w/o any comments shld refer bek to me d wad...KNS sia...zao de hua jiu hao...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thn d debate mre lyk claz discussion d lorz...d tingy rly no motion for debate d lorz...its mre for discussion rather...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Monday, August 03, 2009

lunch at wan chai hk cafe...cnt finish the food siol...thn sis go home...me n gene go town...walaoz ehhs...i wonder he is bumble bee instead of octopus nt...coz in the train...non-stop tok d sia...wan rest oso cnt le sia...=.=''

went to ION, Taka [chit chat with shirley at her counter], Plaza Sing...so sianzzz...thn nvm at charles n keith kan dao heelssss....damn i aiming it le...thn orange come find me aft i cor her saying i emo ehhs alone shpping...hahhaz..x] xin ku ni le nahz aft tuition have to come dwn find n pei wo...

hmm i oso ask kc wana come dwn nt...thn he rly gt come ehs...hmm thn kc sick sick le...felt so badd sia ask him come wen he is sick =x had dinner all went to aljunied....[orange ic the mrt stn say de =x] train to tamp...walk n look look in tamp1 awhile? coz 9++++pm le lehs...went to take bus...kns sia...tt gene i cor him he dun listen go chase bus...thn me n orange bo bian had to run le lorx...since the bus stop for us...thxs huh gene...

had a gd tok with orange...=] thn miracle home mama n sis stil awake...by d tym i rdy to slp...sis lyk owl sia...until mama chase her to slp =.='

siannzzz ahhx...today module damn sianz...nida debate...thn wana zao d...gene's mummy ask me stay n help find statistics so i stayd...thn faci noe hu nv tok mahz so ask specific qn...i hvn ans thn she distracted by other qn le...gene's mummy gt help me nahz...by the tym i noe wad to say...faci dk on wad other pnts le...=.='' so in d end i nv tok dao...nvm nahz...heard frm fren she kana C...


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lol I damn sotong sia…nv brin wallet to work =x heng gt money to eat hahaaha thn nite tym pri gf c her formal shoes...hahaz...n im lyk carrying a bag of clothes with me norz...=x heavi d lehz



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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Height: 162 or 164? cm
Weight: =X
School: SVPS, TWSS, RP.

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ehhx my Prince plz? >.<
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'zxhOpExz' engraved on a ring =]
'zxhOpExz' necklace
to hav long thick hair agn =D
Figmas [Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Chrono, Yuuno, Rein, Reinforce, Hitsugaya]
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More pixs with Dear plz
a scent by Issey Miyake
Charles & Keith bag
Bourjois Paris Blusher
mascara [suggestion any1?]
MM lipgloss (mayb nt)
silky girl silver gliter eyeliner (mayb nt)
a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
jeans skirt [white]
jeans [black]br> cardiganssss
Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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