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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore !! 42 yr old le...
Wish u evryting all v gd...

Early mornin went to e temple known as THEKCHEN CHOLING (Singapore) wif family n 2nd aunt...went der by lorry which pa borow frm his boss...hav to go thru e Little India...gt deir garlands smell but best of all deir curry smell...=X...d curry smells so delicious...aniwae....wen we reach e place we pray n dey look arnd e place...shortly after which we headed to Bugis which is near e place...

Parked e lorry den go eat lunch coz 12pm le mahz...hungry le lehx...we went to e 菜饭 stall which is on tv d...ok lahz d food price kinda reasonable d lorz...cnt rmb d name of e tv progm but noe is e show tt hav lotsa ppl q-in up d...but wad we saw was jux a few ppl q-in up lehx nt lyk e show sae d...nid 10-15 mins...

Den along road to OG gt lined up wif stalls...den aunt wan buy pouch for her cam den i 顺便 c gt nano cover a nt..den i FOUND it...rubber cover d...gt lots of color to chose frm...but i chose purple coz i lyk purple mahz...=X den ask for e price...$5....cheap lorz to mi coz @ Bukit Timah Plaza gt 1 shp sel $12 whereas plastic $16...so u noe tt der sel cheap cover so if u hapen wan to buy ani cover go der buy lorz...

OG renovatin but stil cn shp...outside gt sale d mahz...evrytym gt duno wad items on sale d...den gt dis BIG banner tt sae promo starts today til 12th Aug...3 days onli...den sis c dis white handbag she lyks so buy lorz...half price so is $25...den i kinda lyk it too den poly cn use mahz...she reasons dis d...

Went in walk walk c c...sis bought OP sliper coz her stupid sliper is u noe lahz stupid lorz...den spent $20.70 after 10% discount...den gt coupon to redeem a pearl...so go redeem lorz...d person open e oyster let u c d...den gt 1 auntie c e q long dun wan giv her coupon to my ma den ma ask 2nd aunt q for her...my ma wan pink pearl but she no hab den wen aunt turn she hope aunt cn get a pink pearl for her n SHE GT IT!!so we gt 1 pearl n 1 pink pearl...=X

Went to e 四马路观音庙pray...kns d lorz...i light e joss stick den i nv hit e person bside mi wif d joss sticks den e person oi mie...kns lahz tt person...sure kana more den once d...he sure kana burnt mani tyms d...dos knn face...

Went to TW buy incease papers coz 13th Aug e 1st day of Lunar 7th Month...after which went hm bath rest a bit den go to Ah Ma hse...play majong til 6pm get rice..扣肉..fishballs..buton mushrms..sit in front of tv eat n watch NDP...NDP damn borin lorz...although dis yr 1st tym on a water platform stage...tot wld b interestin to watch but is nt lorz...i fel it is wore den previous yrs...onli d water part nice whr dey feature e ships...u noe...

Had d most tirin day in e wk bahz...so reach hm @ 8.50pm...coz wan watch 9pm show.."Honor & Passion"...after tt slp lyk pig bahz...roasted pig coz weather nw a bit hot le..had to fal aslp but damn ez to wake up in e middle of nite n hardli able to fal back to slp d...=_=



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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Name: Lee Mei Zhen
Nickname: Mandy
Horoscope: Leo
Birthday: 'Aug/1990
Age: 20+
Height: 162 or 164? cm
Weight: =X
School: SVPS, TWSS, RP.

☠ Hates ☠

Types oF ppL : bEtraYeRs,bAckstAbbeRs,liArs,pEttY ppL,fAke FreNzs & lots of oTheR tYpeS oF -gative Ppl.

✰ Wishes ✰

ehhx my Prince plz? >.<
global to STOP warmin
no more virius to com >.<
a job...?
money $_$
dye my hair?[duno wad color]
'zxhOpExz' engraved on a ring =]
'zxhOpExz' necklace
to hav long thick hair agn =D
Figmas [Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Chrono, Yuuno, Rein, Reinforce, Hitsugaya]
a wallet!
More pixs with Dear plz
a scent by Issey Miyake
Charles & Keith bag
Bourjois Paris Blusher
mascara [suggestion any1?]
MM lipgloss (mayb nt)
silky girl silver gliter eyeliner (mayb nt)
a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
jeans skirt [white]
jeans [black]br> cardiganssss
Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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