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Sunday, May 11, 2008

hmmm...mit up wif jason den went to cine 1st...audi didi hvn reach...pro sehx coz 2pm le stil at hm..live at yishun to cine hai hao bahz...made him rush here...duno he gt rush nt...diden buy movie tixs 1st coz duno wad movie to watch n duno wad tym slot....so pei jason go hv his lunch while w8tin for tt late didi....
lolx sehx...coz jason wan order another rnd...he wan buy chawamoshi? (cha wa zhen)..he ask me wan nt i dun wan...he cum bek ask me wan try nt...den i tel him y i dun wan..coz breakfast i had an egg...den lunch oso buy dao gt egg d meal..den nw u stil wan me eat egg mehx...den he jiu ohh no wonder ur shirt color so lyk dis egg color...=.='l'

didi pro duno hw walk to cine frm somerset...gt to fetch him...jason is lyk zzzzzzzzzzz....lolx...den fetch him liaox horrz...we 2 duno y snile n lurff d sia...duno y oso...LOLx...realli for no reason we 2 jux smile...man i wonder if audi didi tot we lurffin at him nt but we hv absolute no reason to lurff at him norrz...

went to q up for tixs...jason dun wan speed...buden i nid leave earli cnt watch 5pm d show...den we dcide on d 1st movie n tts is over her dead body...til nw stil hvn watch lorrz...buden d angmohs in frnt of us buy damn long d lorrz...den i saw dey oso buyin over her dead body...wahhh sehhx so damn frnt seats is lyk 1st row le lorrz...sos jiao jason look..den we lyk cham le lahz watch wad show nw...i say speed...he lyk wahh cnt dun watch nt...i lyk okk u tel me wad show...he den ahh shui bian nahz u reali wan speed den speed norrz...i was ehh u dun lyk den dun force urself to watch lahx...he nvm...

Speed Racer nt bad coz d stunts v style....stori line is hai hao d type...d stunts style is style buden horrz v hard to c hus car hit hus car type d lorrz...yaa guess stunts cover for dis bahx...is nice sia...overview: if u wan c style d stunts u cn watch it but ur eyes muz nt b too keen abt hus car hit hus car...dun xpect much frm d stori plot either...=]

after tt went Carrefour find ferina..1st storey cashier dun hv her went to b1 to find..found her le...her q is kinda long...stand in frnt of her she notice dao us le...said hiiii...tot she no c jason bueden is gt c dao...errr we chat abit lorrz..den leave her in peace...hahas....

went pcbunk look look c c to kill tym...den 640 i left d place wif audi didi left jason alone...=X his fren cumin tio pei him aniway n he gg to celebrate jian long bd too...so we bb lorrz...at toa payoh ia...say bb to didi...went to bus 142 to mit up...is so mani ppl sia...err cn i dun put dwn names here coz it wld b v d long..hahas..u noe hu u r n tts gd enuff...

we kinda late by 2 songs coz wen we enter d place dey r playin d 2nd song le close to ending liaox...
1) Piratw Of The Caribbean
2) Way Back Into Love
3) Melodies Of Life
4) Eyes On Me
5) Key Of Twilight
6) The World
7) Always With Me
8) Oh, Pretty Woman
9) Accidentally In Love
10) Por Una Cabeza
11) 蒲公英的约定
12) Barbie Girl
13) 不能说的秘密
14) Name Of life
15) Across The Stars

all so nice d lorrz...den end le encore 2 songs den cfm end le...while w8tin for cy we all take pixs...funi sia..me n maucheung do stupid face d 1st..after which he said lets b serious do a normal one...den i okk ahhh...so i face christina hu is helpin us takin d pic..den sudenli me n maucheung same timin turn n look at each other...LOLx...all hu saw lurff sia...i jux wan to turn n aask him wad he meant by normal...lawls sia...play djmax...vs mode...so err enthu coz we lyk walk dao a place le jiu stand der play le...play dao 11pm bahz i guess walk to busstop v fast bus cum le...den horrx...take train bek to cck is oreadi 1145 le..on d train me n hl pvp bleach...hahas is fun d lorrz...coz he win me once nia...den ms suspect is bcoz me char lvl high buden hl say no lahz dis mode is based on ur fingers dast nt for pressin d combo keys etc...

went 24hr der hv supper ms n hl no makan...me n christina shared a bowl of tomyam noodle n fried jiao zi...wahh sianz sia gt an egg inside...ask christina wan nt she dun wan...T.T 3 eggs in one day...heng no eat d chawazhen if nt 4 eggs liaox le...T.T ran hou nehx cy said her father cum fetch her so wan drive us gals hm..den i ahh no nid bahx coz so near onli mahs....dey said jux go lahz so late le lorz...so i told uncle i live wad blk lorrz...said ty n gdbye le jiu take lift quietly but hury walk hm...mama said wan slp but bo slp coz i hvn reach hm...=.='l' bath le hurry slp le lorrz...so damn tired le sia...



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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Name: Lee Mei Zhen
Nickname: Mandy
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Birthday: 'Aug/1990
Age: 20+
Height: 162 or 164? cm
Weight: =X
School: SVPS, TWSS, RP.

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ehhx my Prince plz? >.<
global to STOP warmin
no more virius to com >.<
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'zxhOpExz' engraved on a ring =]
'zxhOpExz' necklace
to hav long thick hair agn =D
Figmas [Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Chrono, Yuuno, Rein, Reinforce, Hitsugaya]
a wallet!
More pixs with Dear plz
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Charles & Keith bag
Bourjois Paris Blusher
mascara [suggestion any1?]
MM lipgloss (mayb nt)
silky girl silver gliter eyeliner (mayb nt)
a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
jeans skirt [white]
jeans [black]br> cardiganssss
Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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