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Sunday, September 07, 2008

wahhlalalala...730 wak up 830 go out...omt go to city hall der walk some dist to fort canning park...sis stayed at hm d rest of famili went...

hmm reached der nid register shi long q d lorrx...den gt wad free mr bean oya milk...heng is mr bean nt jolli bean...onli lyk mr bean =x....
den go wad respective grp den d 'ldr' brief us...11am strt of d so-cor family olympics...

wth 1st stn smth lyk treasure hunt...den papa walk dao he disapear...wth den me n mama try finished d tingy...den left 1 baka sculpture cnt find...by dis tym papa zhao dao wo men le...den i tel dem w8 here i go find ans...

den play d 2nd stn n tts smth to do wif 5 families...mama/papa sit dwn in a row dn 5 kids frm d different families go one side 1st...d parents r to identify which r deir child by touch...omt 1st is massage...den mama n d aunty bsides her v @@ coz d aunty bside her her child massage is kinda same as mine...lolx??haha so dey omt which one my child sia...lolx...
den 2nd n last is shake hand tingy...haha...my mama cheat hahas coz of all d kids onli i hv long nails so she go find gt long nails d jiu shi wo...=.='' ji cheat yi xia....

we had lunch den we play some mini games...haha gt a unicorn tattoo...=x
den after lunch is abt 1+ le went toilet den go to 3rd stn...wth jux finished lunch jiu yao do rope skippin...=.='' den heng lahx dis stn nth much say...duno took hw long jiu okk...mayb within 5-10mins??hahas

4th stn me n mama do nia coz papa said his sandal omost cmi liaox dun wan do...den gan hao nid 2ppl nia..so me n mama lorr...mama blind-folded 1st den i nid guide her thru d ahhx 'challenges'...turn 3rnds on d spot den go 1rnd arnd a box den walk a v small dist nid to go over a rope...den had a small ball in btwn d legs n hop...wth dis last part look damn wrong...=.='' =x
den nid walk bek is me mahx so mama lead me...wth idk hw i look lyk wen i jump...den pas over d rope n walk rnd d box...mama tot nid go 3rnds...lolx...=.=''

last stn is do handi craft...a foto frame...i look at d instructions i gong diaox...lolx...den d person der brief teach me den i ohh...me n mama wrk tgt...heng i wrk kinda fast hahas buden our product hai hao la is kan de gou qu de...hahas...went bek to chnge into a goodie bag as we had completed all 5 stns...den shun bian play d mini games agn...

LOlx sia me...play d chopsticks game...10 marbles in 30secs transfer dem frm d plate to d water bottle...i brk my own record sia...lolx...15s bcum 12s...whoots 3s...hahas mayb cn try do at hm c cn brk rcord nt...=x =P den rot abit den 330+ i go colect snack packs den we go off...=x dun wan w8 for d luky draw le...=x omt is damn tired d lorrx...=.=''

wheee cum hm hurry dl bleach movie 2...dis tym wif subs d lahx...hahas...last nite no subs today gt subs...kekekez....=X



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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Name: Lee Mei Zhen
Nickname: Mandy
Horoscope: Leo
Birthday: 'Aug/1990
Age: 20+
Height: 162 or 164? cm
Weight: =X
School: SVPS, TWSS, RP.

☠ Hates ☠

Types oF ppL : bEtraYeRs,bAckstAbbeRs,liArs,pEttY ppL,fAke FreNzs & lots of oTheR tYpeS oF -gative Ppl.

✰ Wishes ✰

ehhx my Prince plz? >.<
global to STOP warmin
no more virius to com >.<
a job...?
money $_$
dye my hair?[duno wad color]
'zxhOpExz' engraved on a ring =]
'zxhOpExz' necklace
to hav long thick hair agn =D
Figmas [Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Chrono, Yuuno, Rein, Reinforce, Hitsugaya]
a wallet!
More pixs with Dear plz
a scent by Issey Miyake
Charles & Keith bag
Bourjois Paris Blusher
mascara [suggestion any1?]
MM lipgloss (mayb nt)
silky girl silver gliter eyeliner (mayb nt)
a SWATCH or CASIO watch
converse shoes [metallic ox] =x
jeans skirt [white]
jeans [black]br> cardiganssss
Canon Digital IXUS 130
learn salsa or ballrm dance [basically i wana dance =x]
go overseas mayb?

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