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Friday, September 25, 2009

090909 [wed]
hmm I bake cookies! =x hahahaz…the first batch nice ehhz…buden the second batch nt nice liaoz haha coz the coffee I put wrong amnt…=x

100909 [thurs]
meet yenxi at 2pm…went causal walking arnd plaza sing…gt myself a pinky ring…nicee d lehz…=x thn mit gf at arnd 240pm…we b gg for 3pm manicure…me n yenxi did the xpress French manicure…$15 =] by the tym we r done is lyk an hr+ le…so yen went home first…me n gf mit up with her fren…thn walk dwn to suntec for the comex…all the way, they2 chat…I rot bhind dem =x

at marina square the covered shoes I lyk nt on sales, so nv buy it…walk to suntec, her fren jiu left le..nv join us for comex…o.o’’ thn I omost 4gt my purpose of gg comex…hahahahz thn rmb I nida new earpiece…so gt myself a white sony earpiece x]

thn gene gt sms me mahz…thn gf no eat dinner even though she no nid fast…she jux nt hungry…so gene askd his mum I cn join nt…thn she said cn worx…0.0 I jiu err I dun tink I cn rush dwn thr…his mum said cab dwn, she pay…O.O n I rly cab dwn to IMM to mit up with them for dinner =x

zerond is thr as well…so cute nahz him…hahaz…hmm…aft dinner went to buy cake n to go giant…thn all bek to hdb by car, sing bday song to the twins n eat bday cake….thn I rot by watching tv…=x hahahaz..thn go into rm n audi…muahahhaha =x

110909 [fri]
Cool sia…mit dao gf wen im otw to work…hahaz…so chat with her in the train til she alites at wdlns…N1 go to work thn noe I no nid work de…shella 4gt to sms me…thn nvm…Marylyn tot I cn work since shella is tired…buden I alr sms gf tt I cn mit her go comex ltr…thn 2pm I left lorz…

thn cor cheryl coz gt her mizz cor…thn nvm nt mitin her le…so sry ehhz…rot at least 45mins…thn nvm ic dao qw di! Hahahaz sms him…thn his mum comes le he jiu left…jux n1 gf n her fren oso dao…I tag bhind them agn…suntec starbuck mit up with their another fren…

try to help Marylyn c the tings she wan me to help her c…buden unsuccessful lorz…nv walk dao those booths…thn nvm…ferina’s credit card gt prob…so me n her 2 frens rot somewhr…thn gt bridal show…her fren wan go in look n c…I pei her in lorz…the other fren guy mahz dun wan tag in…LOlz…hmm nice bahz the gowns….hahahhaha =x

at 5pm train bek to gf’s hse…had dinner with her family…hahhaz nv had lunch but eat lil oso damn full le sia…=x thn 8pm left for suntec agn…I went to bugis M1 shp coz she nids me to help her buy ting due to the voucher her father gt…end up she comes n buy it herself…hahax…train bek to her hse…her mum gives me some cookies to brin home eat =]

140909 [mon]
Had hotpot culture with xueer, her twin n gene…rach had hives…saddd =[
Xueer n her twin v scary sia…rly cn eat a lot d sia…omt nahz…
Thn mit orange at bbdc…grats galz…u passed ur BTT le x]
Went to west mall…LOl…jux enter jiu c dao mdm hu le sia…tok a lil bit with her jiu go c gt daddy nt…thn no have jiu go off…
Sit at west mall mac tok while orange had her dinner…

150909 [tues]
I m so stun by myself nahz…11am thn wake up…so long nv slp dao so late le lorz…thn had brkfast ehhz =x hhhaahz thn on lapie wan do PP but tink brain n eyes cnt work yet…so blog lorz…=x thn nvm….wake up half hr jiu gt opera by sis n mum le…n1…lolol

Went out with mama & sis for mum’s blood test taking. Thn mum wana go library, n I nv tel him we r gg thr as well. =x hahhahaz. He came and walkd past me twice sia! LOlx! Thn wen mama n sis left, he oso nv c dao them, onli sis saw him nia. Heng mama nv c dao him, if nt, she will lyk stun oso d bahz…ahhaha

Bought cpl ring =x im bz wen purchasing it worz. Haha making plan with gf to mit her up or nt…in the end mit her up at Gombak to go jp. At jp, guess wad we did. Yes, we went shopping! LOL. With her is smth lyk dis d bahz..=x

Aft she gt her stuff she left for home, me n gene go makan dinner. Aft dinner, saw xueer & her 2 sisters. They otw home le. Thn we walkd abit mre thn oso go home.

160909 [wed]
Say 9am want go Giant de. Mum wan w8 for her fren, thn her fren nt gg. N1. 10am thn go. Abt 1130am reach bek home, bath and went to gene’s hse le. Had lunch thr. Thn went to mit his 2 frens Jeremy & ben for bak kut the @joo chait.

N1. Went wrong stall. Thn nvm, walkd abit farther down jiu shi the 1 they wan to go to de. So, second rnd of the same ting. Omt nahz! Buden the correct one is so nice nahz…hahaaz… lolx. Thn cor bek home, thn tabao bek for mum & sis, so cab home.

Tired sehx…n I tink I rly gain wt le lahz! =x =.=’’

170909 [thurs]
went to ahma hse thn gt my powder case x] haha finally a case for my foundation powder ehz =x

180909 [fri]
530pm I headache le sia…wonder isit bcoz I 4pm eat late lunch thn bcome lyk dis de…= thn nvm, omost close shp gt 1customer. At 1st tot she playing with me, thn in d end she rly did bought many items. 8pm thn cn go home sia…cui all the way home.

190909 [sat]
Went iluma to have dinner at manhanttan fish market. Service gt 1 damn gd d nahz…thn the other one nt rly tt gd… aft that go home mahz…bought 6donuts home for brkfast. At voideck tok til 1+am. Slp at 2am sia. .

200909 [sun]
Late by an hr, gt many customers le. So sry to b late nahz. Tink arnd 1+pm her cousin came and the went for lunch bahz… gt 1 customer want partial payment so sianz bo bian gt to cor her bek to settle. Thn I makan til 415pm hou jiu help her do flowers. Thn the last min customer I cnt tahan the attitude the lorx.. .

Went to RC springfield, gene tok to his sister. Go Aldo try boots, n he buy for me wen he noes I told him the wrong price. =x lot1 collect cpl rings. Thn home to put tings dwn n chnge nahz..also to put shoes at his home…my hse storeroom too pack le hhaha! =x.

At tw temple he met my parents. Funi sehx..11+++pm thn go home… 130am thn gt to slp agn…=.=”.

210909 [mon]
Super tired nahx! Thn thx gdness, sales nt bad worz.. haha..
Had tian ji zhou at Chinese garden thr de market.
Cab bek to my hse.
& for so many days, I finally gt to slp b4 1130pm.. coz I last heard the clock strikes 11pm…hahhahha!! .

220909 [tues]
Poor sales day sia. No sales at all de. Only manager gt to sell $34 only sia. =x.

230909 [wed] – 240909 [thurs]
Went beauty world…had lunch thn mama settled her tings nahz…thn jiu bus bek to lot1…
On9 for the first time since 5days of nt on-in lapie…hw I miss the IE hhaha! =x.

Mit gene 7pm lyk tt go david’s hse warming…im damn pissssssed off with the sales class nahz…some ‘xcuses’ I dun mind I cn accept them…some…I hate the reason for nt coming…some I nv ask for mre dtails…so is dun rly care..if nt I will cfm hate them n their reasons as well…damn freaking pisssed off nahz…zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Chnge n took 190 to go clubbing…4+am thn go bek…so late nahz…thn n1 I bo brin cash thn wrong cab coz bo accept nets…lolx…heng Shirley n weiwei lend me $...drop weiwei 1st thn go bp bangkit…thn taman jurong…hhahaz…left me thn the taxi uncle chat with me…malay uncle…nice to chat ehs…$42.90 he take $40..coz jux nw he went wrong place….

1st ting I did is take off lens chnge n slp…8am jiu wake up le…hmm 1030am left by cab to Gombak…jux nice coz instructor oso jux came bek with his student… thn my turn….hahaha….fun sia…xcept he said I v rough…hu sit in my car aft a meal sure wan vomit d…LOlx….

250909 [fri]
937am wake up…heng Marylyn v gd…let me take off…she work alone…so here I’m doing the very last part of my PP…sianz…super tired lorz…T_T

heng im done with my PP le..yeaa! xD



we cry together. we laugh together. we smile together. we play together. we share together. we care for each other. we love each other. tats wat friends r 4 (:
Remember, however long the night may be, the dawn will break. Never, never give up hope in your life.

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